RWANDA, FAWE Girls’ School

17 May


Thank you so much to all the girls from Fawe Girls’ school in Rwanda for this selection of wonderfully, colourful  drawings.

We wish for Peace because where there is no Peace nothing can be done by Ines Girihirwe

We wish for Peace because it brings love……..Peace and love to all people in the World by Kellen Mugabekzi

We all wish for Peace because we want to make our World so beautiful

Together we can change our world to create Peace & love  by Josian

We all want Peace because we need to be happy and united to make a better World and to create a smile on everyone’s face by Olga_Divine

We all wish for Peace because Peace is everything by Ishimwe Muriel

I wish Peace because it brings friendship by Nellie Lorraine

We need Peace because it brings happiness and hope for our future by Uwamahoro Sumaya

All we need is Peace because it leads to love the source of life by Vanessa

Well done to all the girls for their amazing work. Thank you also to their Head Jolly Ladegonde who worked closely with the girls to produce these great designs. Thanks to Donatha Gihana from FAWE, which is a pan-African Non-Governmental Organisation working in 32 African countries to empower girls and women through gender-responsive education, and is working hand in hand with this school to help us include the girls.

The current national flag was designed by Rwandan artist Alphonse Kirimbenecyo.



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