MAURITIUS, De La Salle School

Here we have drawings from school children on the Island of Mauritius, a lovely multiracial and peaceful island in the Indian ocean near Madagascar.

Thank you to Rammasur Vitish Sharma age 12 years from class 2A ‘ for the first design.

We all wish for Peace because we have Peace within us.


Thanks so much to Anne – Jusle Jarmala age 13 from form 2 for the second design.

Special thanks to Gloria Lutchmun age 14 for this drawing above.

We all wish for Peace because we dream of unity and love in our World 

For the next one we thank Claudia Li on Wing from De La Salle School Mauritius.

We all wish for Peace because we want to live in a World where everyone is our friend.

Thank you to Heerbhunjinsing Subham age 14 from form 3 for this smiley piece from the lovely island of Mauritius.

We all wish for Peace because we all have Peace within us.

Well done to all these students who have done wonderful work. We will choose one of these designs to join in the Quilt.

Special thanks also to Jessica from the Womens Foundation for World Peace in Mauritius and to Dr. Michael Balcomb from The Universal Peace Federation for helping us to reach young people in this Country. The help is very much appreciated.

The Mauritius Flag
A National Symbolism

The Mauritius Flag was first hoisted on March 12, 1968 – the day of our independence.

It consists of four horizontal stripes of equal width, colored red, blue, yellow, and green.

Red symbolises the struggle for freedom and independence.

Blue represents the Indian Ocean in the middle of whichMauritius is situated.

Yellow symbolises the new light of independence shining over the island.

Green symbolises the agriculture of the island and its colour throughout the twelve months of the year.

The National Anthem Of Mauritius

The lyrics of the National Anthem of Mauritius were composed by Mauritian poet Jean Georges Prosper, whilst its music arrangement was set by Philippe Gentil, a member of the Mauritius Police Force’s band.

Glory to thee, Motherland
O Motherland of mine.
Sweet is thy beauty,
Sweet is thy fragrance,
Around thee we gather
As one people,
As one nation,
In peace, justice and liberty.
Beloved Country,
May God bless thee
For ever and ever.


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