TAJIKISTAN, School #15 Rudaki district.

Thank you so much to Farzona A. 8th Grade from School #15 in the Rudaki district of  Tajikistan for this artistic design. This creative piece shows young people singing and dancing together full of the joys of life.

We all wish for Peace because we feel an Independent and we’re free.

Special thanks to Parveena Muhammedkhajaeva,Communication Officer UNICEF Tajikistan and all staff from this section that helped us to have young people of Tajikistan represented in the International PeaceQuilt Project. The International PeaceQuilt Team will be forever grateful to you all.

Interesting Tajikistan Flag Facts:
The Tajikistan flag’s stripes are the same color as the flag of Iran, but in a different order. The countries also have close ethnic ties.

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