KIRIBATI, Bairiki Rurubao Primary School

11 May

Here we have an environmental friendly drawing from young children in the Rurubao Primary School in Bairiki,Kiribati.

We all wish for Peace because  “we want to be happy with our families and friends”.

This used to be an international school but is now attended by local children. Special thanks to Ms Meaua Tooki Secretary General,Kiribati Red Cross Society, Betio, Tarawa for coordinating the project for Kiribati and helping to have a voice for Kiribati children on the Quilt.

Kiribati is very environmentally driven and understandably so as The Republic of Kiribati consists of 33 coral islands and is located in the central Pacific Ocean halfway between Hawaii and Australia.Kiribati has few natural resources and most families live on a day to day subsistence from fishing and gathering fruits and vegetables such as bread fruit, coconuts, Tara roots, and other native plants that grow naturally.  Some families have a small garden by their homes, others work, have part time employment or sell fish, hand crafted, gifts, and other homemade products along the road side.  Employment opportunities are very limited.  The nation relies very much on foreign aid from Australia, Taiwan, and other countries.

This is a very recent picture with some of the children  having received some dictionaries from the Utah Rotary Club.

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