Well done and thank you to Vittoria del Balzo from Liechtenstein for this lovely peaceful drawing to represent  her Country in The International PeaceQuilt. Vittoria has used the Liechtenstein flag and then drawn the Dove and the olive leaf creatively into the design.

Peace in the World !

Thank you so much to Sally Cameron from our Italian school for helping us to have young people of Liechtenstein included especially as it has not been easy to find a contact in this Country.

The crown was added to the Liechtenstein flag in 1937, after it was discovered by Liechtenstein’s team at the 1936 Olympics that the country’s flag was identical to the flag of Haiti. The gold of the crown shows that their people, their country and their princely House are united in heart and spirit.


Well done to Daniel age 8 and Timothy age 5, two wonderful brothers who created this drawing together to represent Benin . The boys say,

Peace is….

not fighting,

putting others first,

being fair,

treating others kindly,


Thanks so much to Donna Cox for connecting us to Fiona Kennedy whose two sons have created this design for Benin. We are delighted to have a wish for Peace from Benin included.Well done to the boys.

You know you are in Benin when….instead of watching for cars on the main road, you watch for scooters, goats and chickens

Benin Flag Meaning:
The colors of the Benin flag are explained in the Benin’s national anthem as such – the green represents hope and revival; the red symbolizes the courage of ancestors; and the yellow represents the country’s wealth. The colors are traditional Pan-African colors.The Country was names Benin in 1975.

BHUTAN, Druk School

We welcome this drawing of Peace to represent young people from the The Druk School and  Bhutan.

We all wish for Peace because the well-being of humanity depends on it

Special thanks also to Madam Principal  Mrs. Tshewang Choden Wangdi for involving the students from Druk School. Druk School is the leading middle-secondary school in the Kingdom of Bhutan for the past three years under the leadership of  Mrs. Tshewang Choden Wangdi.

The school is a centre of academic excellence responsible for imparting knowledge and behavioral skill to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The schools motto………..Excellence is body mind and speech.

Bhutan Flag Meaning:

The dragon on the Bhutan flag is white to symbolize purity. The dragon is holding jewels in its claws and these represent wealth. The snarling mouth of the dragon represents the strength of the people protecting the country. The colors of the Bhutan flag represent spiritual and temporal power within the country. The orange represents the Drukpas monasteries and Buddhist religion, and the orange/ yellow symbolizes the secular authority of the dynasty.

MALI, Ciwarra school

Great to receive this drawing from The Ciwarra School in Mali considering the conflict in this Country at the moment.

“When we started this project, Mali was at peace and now since March 22, there is conflict.  The kids themselves chose this drawing as the one to represent what is needed now in Mali.  The dove is in the shape of the map of Mali. ” Debbie Fredo.

We all wish for Peace because life is linked to Peace

We wish to thank  the directors Deborah Fredo and Maria Diarra Keita, all the children and staff connected to  the Ciwarra School. We reached this school through  Mr. Stephen L Esquith and his wife Chris from Michigan .
Stephen’s wife  Chris Worland (who is a quilter and fabric artist 😉 ) has been working very closely with the Ciwara School in Kati, Mali for several years.  In fact, Chris did a quilt project with the Ciwara School and their  local elementary school  in Michigan a few years back.  Since 2004 Stephen and Chris have taken a study abroad program to Mali and now spend 3-4 weeks at the Ciwara School with their students from Michigan State University.

We wish Mali Peace…………….

Mali Flag Meaning:
The green stripe symbolizes hope, nature and fertility of the land. The yellow represents purity and mineral wealth and red stands for strength and the blood spilt for independence.

THE MALDIVES Iskandher School


From the Maldives we received over 600 drawings. A huge thank you to everyone involved into having the project a huge success for the Iskandher School. Following are a few of the designs submitted.

We all wish for Peace because we love World

We all wish for Peace because its very peaceful at night


We all wish for Peace because it never harms

We all wish for Peace because …for a better future


We all wish for peace because we all need freedom.

We all wish for Peace because we will get along more together.


We thank Diane Stephens from Skillshare, North East LTD, for using her available contacts through Government to help us reach a school in the Maldives. Iskandher school has been reached through the British High Commissioner Farahanaz Faizal through Hon. David Amess, member of parliament for Southend West. From them the  journey went through Soodha, teacher educator in The Maldives Education Department who found a school wishing to take part. Well done everyone.

Special thanks to everyone in the school: to Rinzy, Deputy Principal, and all the staff and students involved in completing a wonderful journey on what can be achieved by many working together.

Maldives Flag Description:
The flag of Maldives consists of a red background with a green rectangle in the middle of it. In the middle of the rectangle there is a white crescent pointing towards the right side of the Maldives flag. The Maldives flag was adopted on July 25, 1963. The flag of Maldives was originally a plain red flag. Up until 1949, the crescent pointed towards the left. The country gained independence from Britain on July 16, 1965.

Copyright © 2010-2018 Schools’ International Peace Quilt, All rights reserved.

RWANDA, FAWE Girls’ School


Thank you so much to all the girls from Fawe Girls’ school in Rwanda for this selection of wonderfully, colourful  drawings.

We wish for Peace because where there is no Peace nothing can be done by Ines Girihirwe

We wish for Peace because it brings love……..Peace and love to all people in the World by Kellen Mugabekzi

We all wish for Peace because we want to make our World so beautiful

Together we can change our world to create Peace & love  by Josian

We all want Peace because we need to be happy and united to make a better World and to create a smile on everyone’s face by Olga_Divine

We all wish for Peace because Peace is everything by Ishimwe Muriel

I wish Peace because it brings friendship by Nellie Lorraine

We need Peace because it brings happiness and hope for our future by Uwamahoro Sumaya

All we need is Peace because it leads to love the source of life by Vanessa

Well done to all the girls for their amazing work. Thank you also to their Head Jolly Ladegonde who worked closely with the girls to produce these great designs. Thanks to Donatha Gihana from FAWE, which is a pan-African Non-Governmental Organisation working in 32 African countries to empower girls and women through gender-responsive education, and is working hand in hand with this school to help us include the girls.

The current national flag was designed by Rwandan artist Alphonse Kirimbenecyo.


MAURITIUS, De La Salle School

Here we have drawings from school children on the Island of Mauritius, a lovely multiracial and peaceful island in the Indian ocean near Madagascar.

Thank you to Rammasur Vitish Sharma age 12 years from class 2A ‘ for the first design.

We all wish for Peace because we have Peace within us.


Thanks so much to Anne – Jusle Jarmala age 13 from form 2 for the second design.

Special thanks to Gloria Lutchmun age 14 for this drawing above.

We all wish for Peace because we dream of unity and love in our World 

For the next one we thank Claudia Li on Wing from De La Salle School Mauritius.

We all wish for Peace because we want to live in a World where everyone is our friend.

Thank you to Heerbhunjinsing Subham age 14 from form 3 for this smiley piece from the lovely island of Mauritius.

We all wish for Peace because we all have Peace within us.

Well done to all these students who have done wonderful work. We will choose one of these designs to join in the Quilt.

Special thanks also to Jessica from the Womens Foundation for World Peace in Mauritius and to Dr. Michael Balcomb from The Universal Peace Federation for helping us to reach young people in this Country. The help is very much appreciated.

The Mauritius Flag
A National Symbolism

The Mauritius Flag was first hoisted on March 12, 1968 – the day of our independence.

It consists of four horizontal stripes of equal width, colored red, blue, yellow, and green.

Red symbolises the struggle for freedom and independence.

Blue represents the Indian Ocean in the middle of whichMauritius is situated.

Yellow symbolises the new light of independence shining over the island.

Green symbolises the agriculture of the island and its colour throughout the twelve months of the year.

The National Anthem Of Mauritius

The lyrics of the National Anthem of Mauritius were composed by Mauritian poet Jean Georges Prosper, whilst its music arrangement was set by Philippe Gentil, a member of the Mauritius Police Force’s band.

Glory to thee, Motherland
O Motherland of mine.
Sweet is thy beauty,
Sweet is thy fragrance,
Around thee we gather
As one people,
As one nation,
In peace, justice and liberty.
Beloved Country,
May God bless thee
For ever and ever.

DOMINICA, Orion Academy

This design has been creatively and colourfully done in water colours. Both Samara Burton and Marissa Norris fourth form high school students have worked together on this for young people of Orion Academy and Dominica. Well done to them.

We all wish for Peace because Harmony is not beyond our reach

“Samara and Marissa’s view on the subject of world peace, has been beautifully captured by the colourful nationalistic images that they wove together.
The drawing depicts the island of Dominica on the globe, in all its mountainous majesty, with child-like figures, representing our Kalinago and predominantly negro populations, standing close to our coast-line (where settlements – villages, have been established).  The doves of peace flutter around, with the Dominican flag proudly held by the child of our indigenous race.  The two hands that traverse the painting, portray the different races through-out the world, reaching forward to clasp in a demonstration of goodwill, harmony, togetherness and ultimately, PEACE.”    Anne Burton.

Thank you so much to Anne Burton,the schools relatively new Principal and Member of the Board of Trustees for helping to have young people of Dominica represented in this Project.

The ethos of the school is to provide a holistic education in small classes. Students are encouraged to work independently and to carry out research and to seek out information for themselves. Orion seeks to develop independent thinkers and also to develop the whole child. Orion is an equal opportunity school and does not discriminate against persons on the basis of race or ethnicity, sex, color, religion or economic status.

The ten green stars, which are the traditional symbol of hope, represent the ten parishes of Dominica. The Sisserou Parrot is the national bird of Dominica and symbolizes flight towards greater heights and fulfillment of aspirations.

TAJIKISTAN, School #15 Rudaki district.

Thank you so much to Farzona A. 8th Grade from School #15 in the Rudaki district of  Tajikistan for this artistic design. This creative piece shows young people singing and dancing together full of the joys of life.

We all wish for Peace because we feel an Independent and we’re free.

Special thanks to Parveena Muhammedkhajaeva,Communication Officer UNICEF Tajikistan and all staff from this section that helped us to have young people of Tajikistan represented in the International PeaceQuilt Project. The International PeaceQuilt Team will be forever grateful to you all.

Interesting Tajikistan Flag Facts:
The Tajikistan flag’s stripes are the same color as the flag of Iran, but in a different order. The countries also have close ethnic ties.

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