LIBERIA, SOS- Hermann Gmeiner International School-Monrovia.

1. A large human figure : Written by Zaza Tarnue,SOSCV-Monrovia

The large human figure represents someone or nation that is very powerful; influencial and loving needed to bring everyone together for the common good of all humans.

2. The burning  Weapon Written by Morris Kemokai, SOSCV Monrovia

The burning weapon represents the absence of wars; conflicts; hardship and all that have to do with disorganizing a group of people who are devoted to war. It represents the break to the past.

3. Umbrella a, Written by Faith D. Hare, HGIS Monrovia

The Umbrella signifies the coming together of all nations as a unified group of people with one purpose, peace.

4. Umbrella b,Written by Mary Saah, HGIS Monrovi

The Umbrella signifies the coming together of all nations as a unified group of people with one purpose, peace under one common objective and mission. The umbrella actually is a symbol of unity and oneness as a nation.

Thank you so much to everyone from SOS- Hermann Gmeiner International School-Monrovia Liberia for these colourful pieces which we received today in the post along with a letter with a description of each drawing and this letter from Mr. Emmanuel A. Kyei

This letter explains how Liberia has been emerging from the doldrums of fourteen years of civil war, and sees the promotion of World Peace as a PRIORITY.

“I wish you could see the excitement with which the children  crafted those peace drawing!!:)  You will be more excited to know that these children  actually started the discussion of the meaning and the significance of their drawings with us as we guided them,”

MR. EMMANUEL C.  MORGAN National Communication and Advocacy Officer

Liberian Flag Meaning:
The 11 stripes symbolize the 11 signatories of the Liberian declaration of independence. The red and white colors symbolize courage and moral excellence. The white star represents the freedom the ex-slaves were given and the blue square represents the African mainland.


This is the selection of drawings received from students in CO Sarine-Ouest School in Switzerland representing Peace in this Country. Well done to all students involved.

We all wish for Peace because we all have a Heart 

Well done to Camille Pierret for these two drawings for Switzerland.



















Thank you very much to Eve Jones, a teacher in this school for coordinating the project for CO Sarine-Ouest and Switzerland. We reached Eve through the Students of the World website.

SOUTH SUDAN, Malek Academy

We are delighted to receive a drawing from Malek Academy in South Sudan. Thanks so much to Ben Tegg, director of Derek Chappell Foundation who put us in touch with Ador Riak Nyiel acting Principal for Malek Academy. This drawing tells a story and we very much wish South Sudan and all Countries a very Peaceful future. Special thanks also to their Student who has created this piece for the Quilt.

South Sudan gained independence from Sudan on 9 July 2011 as the outcome of a 2005 peace deal.Fantastic to have this new Nation included.

KUWAIT, Gulf English School

Join Hands.  Spread PEACE

Well done to everyone in Kuwait for these drawings from which we will choose one for the International Quilt to represent Kuwait. This one has been created by Rija Miraj from year 8.

We all wish for Peace because it unites nations, brings happiness and makes the World a better place.








These two submissions have been created by Dina Venuti from Year 11 .Thank you Dina.

We all wish for Peace because it means happiness everywhere.

We all wish for Peace because it allows us to live without fear

Thank you to Miyas Kanaan for this drawing from Kuwait.

We all wish for Peace because it makes us united and spreads happiness everywhere

Special thanks also to Sally Cameron a teacher in  our Italian school involved for helping us reach Tania Shah Povia who teaches in The Gulf English School in Kuwait. Thank you both for helping to have young people of Kuwait included.

PERU, Trener School

Well done to everyone from Trener School in Lima Peru for this selection of drawings.

Well done to Andrea Lu 6th Grade for this colourful piece.

We can make a change





Thank you to Hanna Lau 6th Grade for this one.

We can change the World with you.



Roxana Velez and Camila Checa 6th grade say

Love and Peace  We all fit together




This one has been created by Matias Cabello from 6th grade also

World Peace Stop racism




Thanks to Micaela Silva 6th grade for this one.

Peace begins with a smile.





Well done to Alessia from 5th Grade for this drawing of Peace.





Thank you so much to Massiel Arregui and Ana María León for coordinating this project for young people from Peru and all staff and students involved. We are delighted to have you join in this project.

NAURU, Nauru Secondary School

We very much welcome the drawing from Nauru Secondary School, Nauru to join in the International Peace Quilt. The school held a drawing competition for which all the drawings were excellent. Nauru Olympic Committee Executive board selected the winning drawing. The school held their presentation through Nauru television at the Nauru Secondary School Hall.

Thanks so much to Rachel Bornillo year 10 for this drawing. The drawing Shows, the world at peace, The Nauru Flag, and  Nauru Emblem.

Peace in the World begins with Peace in your heart.

We reached this contact through Edwina Ricci from Oceania Sports development who put us in touch with Dominic Cain Nauru sports development officer and a member of the Nauru Olympic Committee and to Marissa Cook  Chef de Mission for the London Olympics.  Thank you all for helping us to have young people of Nauru included.

Nauru Flag Meaning:

The Nauru flag represents the country’s geographical position in the world. Nauru is represented by the star and it is just south (26 miles) of the equator (the yellow stripe) in the central Pacific Ocean (the blue base), slightly west of the international dateline (the star is off centered towards the left of the flag). The 12 points on the star symbolize Nauru’s 12 original tribes.

DJIBOUTI, Schools of Djibouti

Here we have the drawings received from students of Djibouti. Well done to everyone involved and to Simone Pire for coordinating the project for this Country. The first is from L.E.C. de Boulaos School in Djibouti town, thank you to Paulos for this one. The second drawing is from School L.E.C. d’Obock .

L’humanité  entière aspère a la paix       All Humanity hopes for Peace.

The third drawing is from L.E.C.d’Ali – Sabieh School and thanks to Haston for this one. Djibouti’s fourth drawing is also from L.E.C. de Boulaos in Djibouti town.

The final drawing is from The Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle school. Well done to all students involved.

Djibouti Flag Meaning:
The white triangle stands for peace. The blue stripe represents the sea and sky and the green stripe symbolizes earth. The red star stands for unity.

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