BARBADOS, Ursuline Convent School

Thank you to Meaghan Ince for this lovely piece of work to represent  The Ursuline Convent School  in Barbados.

We all wish for Peace because it will bring a brighter future for everyone.

Special thanks to everyone involved and to Susan Chinnery for coordination of the International PeaceQuilt Project for this school.,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

Just a few words from the school song……..“Storm or cloud will not dismay us We will do and dare”.

Barbados Flag Meaning:
The left blue stripe represents the sky and the yellow/gold stripe symbolizes the sand. The right blue stripe represents the sea. The trident in the middle of the Barbados flag represents Barbados independence from the British, with each point of the trident representing the three principles of democracy which are government of, for and by the Barbados people.

The Barbados flag was designed by an art teacher and was chosen in a nation wide contest.

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