TUVALU, Motufoua Secondary School

Thank you to everyone from Motufoua Secondary School Vaitupu in Tuvalu for this drawing to represent their young people’s wish for Peace.

We all wish for Peace because it is our Nature

Thanks also to Siautele Lito for organising the International Peace Quilt Project for Tuvalu. The schools vision……….

By 2015, guided by strong spiritual values enshrined in its motto….TUVALU MO TE ATUA…. we will have achieved a healthy, educated, peaceful and prosperous Tuvalu.

(Te Kakeega II)

The current (and 1978 version of the) Tuvaluan flag is light blue ensign (like that of Fiji), possibly representing the colours of the tropical oceans around the islands. It bears nine stars for the nine islands of the archipelago (although only eight were originally inhabited, hence the name Tuvalu [“eight islands” in Tuvaluan). The disposition of the stars generally follows the geographic arrangement of the islands if the flag is hung from the hoist (i.e., the islands lie in a northwest-southeast chain). It is not known why some stars point upwards, and others downwards..


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