TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, Moruga Secondary School

We welcome the drawing to represent young people of Trinidad and Tobago. Thank you very much to the Students  from Moruga Secondary School for this creative piece which incorporates the flag, dove,the peace symbol,the World and the Olympic Rings. Also thank you to  John Farfan, Art teacher in Moruga Secondary for coordinating the project for this Country.

We all wish for Peace because it makes the World a better place.

Trinidad and Tobago Flag Meaning:
The red base represents the vigor of the land in Trinidad and Tobago, the friendliness and courage of its people, and the sun. The black represents the unity and strength of the people, as well as the natural wealth of the country. The white represents the surrounding sea and the purity and equality of all people under the sun. Together, the colors represent earth, water and fire, which connect the nation’s people to the past present and future.

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