LIBERIA, SOS- Hermann Gmeiner International School-Monrovia.

10 Apr

1. A large human figure : Written by Zaza Tarnue,SOSCV-Monrovia

The large human figure represents someone or nation that is very powerful; influencial and loving needed to bring everyone together for the common good of all humans.

2. The burning  Weapon Written by Morris Kemokai, SOSCV Monrovia

The burning weapon represents the absence of wars; conflicts; hardship and all that have to do with disorganizing a group of people who are devoted to war. It represents the break to the past.

3. Umbrella a, Written by Faith D. Hare, HGIS Monrovia

The Umbrella signifies the coming together of all nations as a unified group of people with one purpose, peace.

4. Umbrella b,Written by Mary Saah, HGIS Monrovi

The Umbrella signifies the coming together of all nations as a unified group of people with one purpose, peace under one common objective and mission. The umbrella actually is a symbol of unity and oneness as a nation.

Thank you so much to everyone from SOS- Hermann Gmeiner International School-Monrovia Liberia for these colourful pieces which we received today in the post along with a letter with a description of each drawing and this letter from Mr. Emmanuel A. Kyei

This letter explains how Liberia has been emerging from the doldrums of fourteen years of civil war, and sees the promotion of World Peace as a PRIORITY.

“I wish you could see the excitement with which the children  crafted those peace drawing!!:)  You will be more excited to know that these children  actually started the discussion of the meaning and the significance of their drawings with us as we guided them,”

MR. EMMANUEL C.  MORGAN National Communication and Advocacy Officer

Liberian Flag Meaning:
The 11 stripes symbolize the 11 signatories of the Liberian declaration of independence. The red and white colors symbolize courage and moral excellence. The white star represents the freedom the ex-slaves were given and the blue square represents the African mainland.

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