PERU, Trener School

2 Apr

Well done to everyone from Trener School in Lima Peru for this selection of drawings.

Well done to Andrea Lu 6th Grade for this colourful piece.

We can make a change









Thank you to Hanna Lau 6th Grade for this one.

We can change the World with you.







Roxana Velez and Camila Checa 6th grade say

Love and Peace  We all fit together







This one has been created by Matias Cabello from 6th grade also

World Peace Stop racism







Thanks to Micaela Silva 6th grade for this one.

Peace begins with a smile.








Well done to Alessia from 5th Grade for this drawing of Peace.









Thank you so much to Massiel Arregui and Ana María León for coordinating this project for young people from Peru and all staff and students involved. We are delighted to have you join in this project.


One Response to “PERU, Trener School”

  1. victorhmolinam July 28, 2016 at 20:46 #

    well “We Can Change The World” is a great draw , with a very wonderful theme , a nice picture to understand the biggest nature in the World B-)

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