NAURU, Nauru Secondary School

2 Apr

We very much welcome the drawing from Nauru Secondary School, Nauru to join in the International Peace Quilt. The school held a drawing competition for which all the drawings were excellent. Nauru Olympic Committee Executive board selected the winning drawing. The school held their presentation through Nauru television at the Nauru Secondary School Hall.

Thanks so much to Rachel Bornillo year 10 for this drawing. The drawing Shows, the world at peace, The Nauru Flag, and  Nauru Emblem.

Peace in the World begins with Peace in your heart.

We reached this contact through Edwina Ricci from Oceania Sports development who put us in touch with Dominic Cain Nauru sports development officer and a member of the Nauru Olympic Committee and to Marissa Cook  Chef de Mission for the London Olympics.  Thank you all for helping us to have young people of Nauru included.

Nauru Flag Meaning:

The Nauru flag represents the country’s geographical position in the world. Nauru is represented by the star and it is just south (26 miles) of the equator (the yellow stripe) in the central Pacific Ocean (the blue base), slightly west of the international dateline (the star is off centered towards the left of the flag). The 12 points on the star symbolize Nauru’s 12 original tribes.

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