BARBADOS, Providence School

Well done to the Alexis Pestano for this  lovely colourful piece which revolves around the girl holding the Heart.

(The girl hugging the heart) ” the drawing I did was the rainbow of flags ( I like to call it)”

We wish for Peace because the World won’t bloom or shine, Peace is the way to go, Let Peace live in your heart.


We all wish for Peace because the World won’t bloom and shine like it should, make Peace and Stop all wars.


World Peace.Peace and Love , We are all One












We all wish for Peace because we want to make the World a better place

We wish for Peace because together we can make a better place for future generations to enjoy. This we pray for.


We wish Peace because we are 1


And to finish we have this lovely design with many flags covered by the dove of peace and the olive branch.

Thanks so much Melanie Brown The Art Teacher in the Providence school, Barbados for working with the students to produce some fantastic work.

The Schools’s mission statement is To educate young minds to reach their full academic potential through a well balanced programme of Academics, Arts & Athletics as a means to stimulate the individual intellectually, morally, physically and spiritually. Whilst striving for academic excellence, the school believes that education and active participation in the arts and athletics is an integral part of the individual’s learning experience and wholesome development as a human being.

Well done to all involved.

BARBADOS, Ursuline Convent School

Thank you to Meaghan Ince for this lovely piece of work to represent  The Ursuline Convent School  in Barbados.

We all wish for Peace because it will bring a brighter future for everyone.

Special thanks to everyone involved and to Susan Chinnery for coordination of the International PeaceQuilt Project for this school.,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

Just a few words from the school song……..“Storm or cloud will not dismay us We will do and dare”.

Barbados Flag Meaning:
The left blue stripe represents the sky and the yellow/gold stripe symbolizes the sand. The right blue stripe represents the sea. The trident in the middle of the Barbados flag represents Barbados independence from the British, with each point of the trident representing the three principles of democracy which are government of, for and by the Barbados people.

The Barbados flag was designed by an art teacher and was chosen in a nation wide contest.

CZECH REPUBLIC, 1st International School of Ostrava

Special thanks to Johanka Corkill and Anthony Corkill for helping us to have ALL of Eastern Europe now joined in The International Peace Quilt Project. Well done to Johanka for this colourful message for Peace from The 1st  International School of Ostrava and The Czech Republic.

Anthony age 10 gives the creative message of One Heart We can be One ! One Body.

Thanks also to Brett Gray Executive Director of 1st International school of Ostrava and Nina Pavelková visual arts teacher, for coordinating the project for this Country.

The motto of  The Czech Republic………”Pravda vítězí (Czech) ” Truth Prevails “

THE REPUBLIC OF CONGO, International School of Pointe-Noire

Here we have the design to represent students from The International School of Pointe-Noire in The Republic of The Congo (Congo-Brazzaville). This colourful piece has been collaboratively designed by all students from the School. Well done to everyone involved.

” Our students have just completed a yearly performance, through which they earn money that they dedicate to humanitarian projects around the world. Their performance company is called Peace Productions Unlimited, and it is dedicated, like you are, to sending out ripples in the service of advancing peace on the planet.
The focus for the past two years’ performances has been the people of Africa, most recently the many orphaned children of Pointe-Noire, where we live.”  Jeff Bushnell

Middle School Reflections on Peace Productions Unlimited:

I’ve learned so much, about directing and teaching, but even more, about myself, about what is important, and about what I can do.  I can’t even describe it all, it’s so big. (seventh grade performance director)

I couldn’t wait to get out of the school; I was so ready to leave.  Then Peace Productions Unlimited work happened.  I got to work with all of you. I feel so connected now.  Now I can’t imagine ever leaving.  (eighth grade performance director)

Now, I know what I want to do.  I want to teach.  I want to teach first grade. I come to the first grade room and feel unconditional love from everyone—working on PPU lifts me up—this is my favorite place in the school.  I absolutely have to do something to make a difference.  I know that now.  (eighth grade performance director)

 You have helped us grow and become the people we are today. Thank you for teaching us peace, friendship, love, and to be ourselves inside and out. You have helped us to realize our greatness and abilities in the world. You have helped us to take care of those who are not so well off and need assistance.  You help make this world a better place every day. You enlighten us to follow our dreams and see faith in everything that we do. You have sent out so many ripples of love, hope, peace and kindness. They have lifted up so many hearts, including ours!  (two eighth grade performance directors)-

Thanks  to Jeff  Bushnell M.Ed. and Traci Bushnell M.Ed. Co Principals in this school for helping us to include young people from The Republic of Congo.
The motto of the Republic of the Congo is ‘Unite-Travail-Progress’; which translates to ‘Unity-Labor-Progress’. The Republic of the Congo is often called Congo-Brazzaville, to avoid confusion with the Democratic Republic of Congo, known as Congo-Kinshasa (formerly Zaire).
The earliest inhabitants of the region were Pygmy people. Today many Pygmies in Congo live in precarious conditions, to which UNICEF and human-rights activists have voiced their concerns .On 30 December 2010, the Congolese parliament adopted a law for the promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples. This law is the first of its kind in Africa, and its adoption is a historic development for indigenous peoples on the continent

TUVALU, Motufoua Secondary School

Thank you to everyone from Motufoua Secondary School Vaitupu in Tuvalu for this drawing to represent their young people’s wish for Peace.

We all wish for Peace because it is our Nature

Thanks also to Siautele Lito for organising the International Peace Quilt Project for Tuvalu. The schools vision……….

By 2015, guided by strong spiritual values enshrined in its motto….TUVALU MO TE ATUA…. we will have achieved a healthy, educated, peaceful and prosperous Tuvalu.

(Te Kakeega II)

The current (and 1978 version of the) Tuvaluan flag is light blue ensign (like that of Fiji), possibly representing the colours of the tropical oceans around the islands. It bears nine stars for the nine islands of the archipelago (although only eight were originally inhabited, hence the name Tuvalu [“eight islands” in Tuvaluan). The disposition of the stars generally follows the geographic arrangement of the islands if the flag is hung from the hoist (i.e., the islands lie in a northwest-southeast chain). It is not known why some stars point upwards, and others downwards..


ST.KITTS AND NEVIS, Beach Allen Primary School

Thank you so much to everyone in St. Kitts and Nevis and The Beach Allen Primary School for this drawing to join in the International Peace Quilt Project. This piece was created by Kennedy De Silva from sixth grade.

We wish for Peace so that people around the World can live together happily no matter where they are from or the colour of their skin.

Thank you also to  Juanelle Primus for coordinating  this Project for St. Kitts and Nevis.We are delighted to have you all included.

The stars on the Flag  represent the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis and symbolize their liberty and hope.


The flag of St. Kitts and Nevis was adopted on September 19, 1983 when the country received independence from Britain. The country is also known as St. Christopher.

Interesting Saint Kitts and Nevis Flag Facts:
The flag of St. Kitts and Nevis is based on a design submitted by local teacher Edrice Lewis in a national flag competition.

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, Moruga Secondary School

We welcome the drawing to represent young people of Trinidad and Tobago. Thank you very much to the Students  from Moruga Secondary School for this creative piece which incorporates the flag, dove,the peace symbol,the World and the Olympic Rings. Also thank you to  John Farfan, Art teacher in Moruga Secondary for coordinating the project for this Country.

We all wish for Peace because it makes the World a better place.

Trinidad and Tobago Flag Meaning:
The red base represents the vigor of the land in Trinidad and Tobago, the friendliness and courage of its people, and the sun. The black represents the unity and strength of the people, as well as the natural wealth of the country. The white represents the surrounding sea and the purity and equality of all people under the sun. Together, the colors represent earth, water and fire, which connect the nation’s people to the past present and future.

MYANMAR, International School Yangon

Here we have the drawing to represent International School Yangon, Myanmar for  the International Peace Quilt Project. Well done to everyone involved and especially to Priya Leedman for this drawing.

We all wish for peace because the World has too much fighting and war. The World needs Peace or no one will have fun in the time we have to live.

Thanks to Dr.Jim Gerhard Secondary School Principal for coordinating the project for the Golden Land.


Myanmar Flag Meaning:
The Blue represents peace and endurance. The red symbolizes courage and gallantry, and the white stands for purity and honor. Together, the cogwheel and ears of rice represent the country’s industry and agriculture, as well as the union of the workers and the peasant class. The 14 stars above the 14 cogs represent the 14 states that form the Union of Myanmar.The country of Myanmar has changed its name twice since the adoption of the current flag, but never changed its flag.



Well done to Kim Reuter Executive Director/Founder of The Ladybug Project and her Project Manager for getting this piece to us to represent children from The Moka School,Moka Village, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea.As mentioned in our recent update we had some concerns about a few Countries for which Kim confirmed Equatorial Guinea is one. So it is all the more fantastic that we have a piece to represent young people from Moka School where we may add there is no electric. The message of Peace will mean alot to these children.

Let’s all wish for Peace because that way we can all help each other!

Between the jigs and the reels Kim has managed to incorporate several childrens drawings into one, as there are many technical difficulties amongst other things, in this Country which have hindered getting the images to us. We thank you very much for not giving up on the International PeaceQuilt Project. Kim’s Project,The Lady Bug Project is making a huge difference to the children and people of Equatorial Guinea. Please read more here about this brilliant work.

The Ladybug Project Inc.
A 501(c)(3) organization connecting communities across the world.

The country’s coat of arms is gray with a silk cotton tree. Above the coat of arms are six six-pointed yellow stars, and beneath are the words, ‘UNIDAD PAZ JUSTICA’, which translates to ‘Unity Peace Justice’.

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