ARGENTINA,Comercial N° 11 – “Dr. José Peralta”

Thank you to Carla Estefania Palermo for this drawing from Argentina which she did spontaneously. Many more designs were to follow from the Comercial N° 11 “Dr. José Peralta” School but Carla was ahead of the posse with this one. Well done to Carla for her creativity and  initiative.

Paz En Todo El Mondo                                 Peace Around The World


And for these two which were later submitted for Argentina…we  thank both Carla and Camila Garrido.

A further selection of designs:

A very well done to S Ayala, Brenda Vallejo, Magali Moscarelli, Melanie Vanon, Daniel Bareiro, Sol Zapatta, Agustin Diaz, Coronel Y Otros, Thiel, Garcia, Alejo Sanchez, Cordobez Y Otros, Dibujo Nuevo, Puerco Paz, Moreno Cordobez, Bologna, Amoldo, Gimenez and F Gonzales and everyone who participated.

Thank you to Paula Burd for coordinating the project for young people of Argentina and for having so many students involved in their International Peace Quilt competition.

Interesting Argentine Flag Facts:
Argentines call the blue colour of their national flag ‘celeste’, which is the colour of the day sky seen from normal angles of sight.

When ceremonially carried, the Argentine flag and flag bearers are subject to certain particular and elaborate practices set by law and flags are always carried with at least two escorts.

Argentine’s flag bearers usually have to go through a screening process and in schools there is strong competition by students to achieve the honour. Often students with the best grades are chosen to be Argentine’s flag carriers

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