YEMEN, Sanaa International School

Here we have  the drawing received from The Sanaa International School in Yemen. This one has been created by Diana Alamari.Thank you so much to everyone involved from this school and to Phil Weirich for accepting to take part in the International Peace Quilt project.

We wish for Peace because it is the resolution to all international conflicts and acts as a centripetal force between humans from all over the World.

The Yemen flag was adopted on May 22, 1990 when North Yemen and South Yemen joined together. The red, white and black stripes were also present on the flags of North and South Yemen, and are traditional Arab colors.


One thought on “YEMEN, Sanaa International School

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  1. Nice job, Diana! We’re so proud of you. Thanks for representing our school.

    Lit 2 (Faaleh, Mashaal, Veda, and Mr. Ford)

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