SWAZILAND, Mananga College

This is the chosen drawing to represent Mananga College and young people of Swaziland on the International Peace Quilt. This entry was submitted by Gcwalisile Matsebula, a Grade 10 learner.

We need Peace because it is the driving force behind humanity.

The second drawing received from Mananga College. “We all wish for peace because the people we sacrifice each day to conflict are the same people who would be happy to sacrifice their time ,care and love for Peace. Peace is happiness. Happiness is Peace. We all need it. ”

“We all wish for Peace because , subsiding all differences, decreasing all impurities and depleting all negative thoughts comes tranquility, peace and unity ! ”


A few more creative drawings from Swaziland

We all wish for Peace because Happiness is Peace. 







We all want World Peace because violence means insanity and peace brings serenity.  World Peace. It all comes down to L.O.V.E.







We want world Peace because we envision a better future. 

” We need an overflow of peace that will reach out to generations.” 

” The intention of sending all the pictures to you is just to give you an idea of the spread of ideas which came from our learners.   Once again, good luck and goodwill from all of us here in Swaziland as you continue your excellent work.”

Warmest regards, Anthony and Thoko  http://www.swaziplace.com/mananga/

Swaziland Flag Meaning:
The red stripe represents the past battles fought for Swaziland. The yellow represents the country’s mineral wealth and the blue stands for peace.


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    1. Hello Delcio, Thank you for contacting us.
      We will accept submissions up until the end of March. I do hope this gives you enough time.
      Looking forward to Mozambique being included Thanks Trish

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