SLOVENIA, QSI International School of Ljubljana










Here are the sketches/pictures designed by  middle school students at QSi International School Ljubljana, Slovenia for the International Peace Quilt. Well done to everyone involved.

The first one here has been done by Mikael Ott. ” We all wish for Peace because it’s in our hands.”

The next one has been done by  Inori Gilson.  ” We all wish for Peace because we can make it happen.”

Sarah van Veen is the creator of the next one.  ” We all wish for peace because….we can solve this puzzle.”

The  next drawing has been done by Kirill Rudnov. ” We all wish for Peace because our future is in our hands. “

The final drawing in the submissions from QSI International School, Slovenia has been done by Bethany Hope Manley.

” We all wish for Peace because we can climb this mountain.”

“Since I found all of them compelling and quite good I felt all should be submitted. You may choose the one that best fits your expectations. The others may be used for the website dedicated to the project. The students enjoyed developing their designs and are excited to find out who is selected to represent their school. Now you may add Slovenia to your list of countries. May the quilt be a strong message of peace to all people around the world. “
Kathleen Wills, MS Art, Language, Culture Studies teacher
Lara Majcen Technology and Math, MAP Testing Coordinator
QSI International School of Ljubljana

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