11 Mar

We very much welcome the drawing received from the High School in Bangui, The Central African Republic as it has been most difficult to find a contact to a school in this Country.The school held a competition after doing a week on Peace Education with their Pastor Selonkoue Laurant.

Thank you so much to Jim from Integrated Community Development International, who mostly does well drilling in CAR  for helping us find this school. Jim through his connections with Encompass World Partners, Ginger and Heidi worked with the High school in Bangui to get this drawing to us. Thank you all so very much.


Central African Republic Flag History:
The Central African Republic flag was adopted on December 1, 1958. It was designed by Barthélemy Boganda, the first president of the territory of Oubangoui-Chari, who believed France and Africa should march together. For the Central African Republic flag, Boganda combined the French tricolor flag’s colors of red, white and blue with the Pan-African colors red, green and yellow. The Central African Republic received its independence from France on August 13, 1960.



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