PANAMA, Balboa Academy

Thank you so much to everyone from Balboa Academy Panama for the wonderful selection of drawings received, 51 in total. We will do what we can to get them all on here eventually.

We all wish for Peace because it is what makes us united




We all wish for Peace because we are all equal







We all wish for Peace because Peace brings hope.







Thanks to Mary Teran Art Teacher in this school for coordinating the project for Panama. We really appreciate the fantastic response from  Balboa Academy.


The blue star represents the civic virtues of purity and honesty and the red star symbolizes the authority of the law. Together they represent loyalty and resilience.

ARGENTINA,Comercial N° 11 – “Dr. José Peralta”

Thank you to Carla Estefania Palermo for this drawing from Argentina which she did spontaneously. Many more designs were to follow from the Comercial N° 11 “Dr. José Peralta” School but Carla was ahead of the posse with this one. Well done to Carla for her creativity and  initiative.

Paz En Todo El Mondo                                 Peace Around The World


And for these two which were later submitted for Argentina…we  thank both Carla and Camila Garrido.

A further selection of designs:

A very well done to S Ayala, Brenda Vallejo, Magali Moscarelli, Melanie Vanon, Daniel Bareiro, Sol Zapatta, Agustin Diaz, Coronel Y Otros, Thiel, Garcia, Alejo Sanchez, Cordobez Y Otros, Dibujo Nuevo, Puerco Paz, Moreno Cordobez, Bologna, Amoldo, Gimenez and F Gonzales and everyone who participated.

Thank you to Paula Burd for coordinating the project for young people of Argentina and for having so many students involved in their International Peace Quilt competition.

Interesting Argentine Flag Facts:
Argentines call the blue colour of their national flag ‘celeste’, which is the colour of the day sky seen from normal angles of sight.

When ceremonially carried, the Argentine flag and flag bearers are subject to certain particular and elaborate practices set by law and flags are always carried with at least two escorts.

Argentine’s flag bearers usually have to go through a screening process and in schools there is strong competition by students to achieve the honour. Often students with the best grades are chosen to be Argentine’s flag carriers

SWITZERLAND, Steiner School

We welcome these great designs from Steiner School in Switzerland, well done to everyone involved.

Peace on Earth 

Well done to Pablo Brügger for his creativity, as when Peace is turned the other way it says World .

switzerland-235 Steiner


A special thank you to Naima Seppey for coordinating the project for the young people from Steiner School, Switzerland.



Switzerland flag

Flag Description

The white cross on the red base represents faith in Christianity. The Swiss flag traditionally stands for freedom, honor and fidelity. In modern times the Swiss flag has also come to represent neutrality, democracy, peace and refuge.

SLOVENIA, Osnovna sola Col Primary

Well done to all the Primary students aged between 7 and 11 for these drawings  from Osnovna sola Col in the West side of Slovenia.

We all wish for Peace because we don’t like war.

We all wish for Peace because the Olympic games will make Peace.

Thank you to the Embassy in Slovenia for passing on the information about International Peace Quilt to this school.

” A group of fifteen children, age betwen 7 to 11 years, have made small posters with a dove of peace, which is flying from the dark to the light.We hope you should like our small part of your great piece of quilt.” Silva Karim Art Teacher.


Thank you so much to all the children from this school who have put so much time into this project and to Silva Karim for coordinating the project for this school.

St. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES, Bequia Community High School


We welcome the drawing from Bequia Community High School in St. Vincent And The Grenadines which will represent their young people on the Quilt.  Well done to Shaddian King and everyone involved. Love the way the flag design is in the drawing.  The diamonds create a ‘V’ standing for Saint Vincent and provide St. Vincent And The Grenadines  flag with the source of its nickname which is ‘the gems.’

We all wish for Peace because all we need is Love.


YEMEN, Sanaa International School

Here we have  the drawing received from The Sanaa International School in Yemen. This one has been created by Diana Alamari.Thank you so much to everyone involved from this school and to Phil Weirich for accepting to take part in the International Peace Quilt project.

We wish for Peace because it is the resolution to all international conflicts and acts as a centripetal force between humans from all over the World.

The Yemen flag was adopted on May 22, 1990 when North Yemen and South Yemen joined together. The red, white and black stripes were also present on the flags of North and South Yemen, and are traditional Arab colors.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, Cedar International School

Some of the colourful paintings received from The Cedar International School in The British Virgin Islands. Thank you to all the young people involved and thank you to Leslie Cramer for coordinating the project for B.V.I.

We will choose one to go on the International PeaceQuilt

The mission of Cedar International School, a non-profit private school, is to provide each student they serve the opportunity to achieve his/her academic best with an international curriculum within a culturally diverse environment; to encourage leadership, character, creativity, and community service; and to nurture inquiring minds and caring personalities in all students.

British Virgin Islands Flag

TURKMENISTAN Ashgabat International School

Well done to everyone from Ashgabat International School in Turkmenistan for their winning  entry to represent this Country on the International Peace Quilt.

We all wish for Peace because it is our biggest hope.

“Thanks for including us- our students were happy to participate!”
-Debbie Downes
Academic Coordinator

Also thanks to Dr. Mitchell Elswick , Director for being willing to send a contribution for Turkmenistan.

The schools motto, DO , KNOW, BELIEVE.

The five carpet designs above the two  olive branches  represent the traditions of the country and are a national symbol.

MAURITANIA, TLC International School

Here we have the winning drawing from TLC International School, Mauritania. Thank you to  Bethany age 15 who is a freshman at TLC for the creation of this drawing. This school held a competition and then voted for the winning drawing to represent Mauritania. Well done to everyone involved.

We all wish for Peace because it allows us to begin understanding and accepting each others differences.

Thanks to Theresa Eno and all staff for helping coordinate the project for this Country.The mission of  TLC International School is to provide a high quality educational program that maximizes students’ intellectual and personal potential.  The TLC community of staff, parents, and students has the joint aim of developing lifelong learners with an appreciation of diverse cultures. A great place to grow and learn!



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