VENEZUELA, International Christian School Caracas

Thank  you to Megan Heiney and all students involved from the International Christian School in Caracas Venezuela for this drawing.

We all wish for Peace because it brings unity. 

“Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to participate! Our students had a great time. ” Megan Heiney

Note the use of the hands in the word Peace, very creative.

Well done to everyone in Venezuela, it is great to have you included.

Venezuelan Flag Description:
The flag of Venezuela consists of three equal sized horizontal stripes – the top stripe is yellow, the middle blue, and the bottom stripe is red. In the middle of the blue stripe and flag there are seven, white, five-pointed stars that are arranged in a semi circle. In the top left hand corner of the Venezuelan flag is the country’s coat of arms.

One thought on “VENEZUELA, International Christian School Caracas

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  1. Wow! I really love this one! The idea of a crowd of hands is very imaginative… I’m so proud to be from Venezuela! 🙂

    ❤ Valeria

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