SOLOMON ISLANDS, Woodford International School

Thank you to everyone in Woodford International School Solomon Islands for these drawings.

We all wish for Peace because we want all the Countries to be united as one.


We all wish for Peace because there shouldn’t be only war in the World.

Both these wonderful drawings have been done by grade 6 girls.

“I will explain a little what the girls have drawn.
The canoe in the picture is a means of transport they use here in the Solomon Islands. Long time ago people would visit other islands in their canoes. If the canoe had a Nguzu Nguzu (which is a symbol of the Solomon Islands)on the front holding a scull, the people came for war. If the Nguzu Nguzu was carrying a dove, they came in peace. The canoe on the picture has a Nguzu Nguzu on the front holding a dove.

In the other picture the Nguzu Nguzu is carrying a dove in the colours of the Solomon Island flag and the background represents the Solomon Island flag as well.” Barbara Vollrath  IB Coordinator


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