GRENADA, Boca Secondary School

Special thanks to everyone from Boca Secondary for this drawing which will represent Grenada on the Quilt.

” We all wish for Peace because it is the only road to a perfect life spent on Earth.”

Thank you also to Samuel William for coordinating the project for the school and to Vondra Haynes from the Haynes Foundation for helping us to reach this school. Much appreciated.

The mission of the Haynes Foundation is to provide the necessary resources and services to enhance the personal growth and development of disadvantaged children who might otherwise never realize their potential. Their work addresses  the needs of health, education and sports.

Grenada Flag Meaning:
The color yellow in Grenada’s flag symbolizes the sun and the friendliness of the inhabitants; the green represents the country’s vegetation and agriculture; and the red stands for the courage and vitality of Grenada’s people. The yellow stars represent the seven parishes of the country. The nutmeg signifies that Grenada is one of the world’s largest producers of nutmeg.


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