MOLDOVA, Lucian Blaga Lyceum

Welcome Moldova to the International Peace Quilt Project. Thank you to Cornitel Felicita Form VI – a, for this drawing to represent young people of Lucian Blaga Lyceum and Moldova. Great to have you involved.

” We all wish for Peace because we are Family.”

Thank you also to Olesea Bolocan from the Promo- Lex Association which is a Non-Governmental Organisation focused on promoting democratic values and on implementing internationally recognised  standards in the Republic of Moldova.

Special thanks also to the very wise  Mr. Ion Iovcev, Director of this school for accepting our invitation to participate in the International Peace Quilt Project.

îţi mulţumesc atât de mult

Moldavian Flag Meaning:
The Moldavian flag was based on the Romanian national flag and represents Moldova’s shared heritage with Romania. The coat of arms consists of the eagle of Walachia holding an Orthodox Christian cross in its beak and an olive branch in one talon, with the scepter of Michael the Brave of Walachia in the other. Walachia is a historic region of Eastern Europe.

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