ESTONIA, International School of Estonia

The first drawing/painting to be received for 2012. Thank you very much to everyone from The International School of Estonia and especially their Reception class -it is their ‘little hands of PEACE’.  All grades (pre school to grade 12 ) in the school took part in this project. A competition was held and this was the design chosen to represent young people from Estonia.

A simple message for Peace. 

Thank you Paulo Santos,PYP/MSP/DP Art Teacher /IT integrator………..Fantastic work !

One of this schools visions is to make a difference in their local and global community, I can safely say this school is doing that for sure. 😉


The colours of the national flag represent Estonia’s history, nature and folk costumes. The blue stripe represents faith, loyalty and devotion as well as the sky, sea, and lakes. The black symbolizes the dark past and suffering of the Estonian people as well as the traditional black jacket of the Estonian peasant. The white represents striving towards enlightenment and virtue, hope and freedom. White also symbolizes the color of birch bark and snow, and Estonian summer nights illuminated by the midnight sun.

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