IRAN, Eghbal Lahoori 2 High School

24 Dec

From Iran we have received powerful words which have come from the very heart of a 14 year old young girl. This piece has been done by Faeze Karmand from The Eghbal Lahoori 2 High School. Part of the projects requirements are a drawing but as we feel these words are so heartfelt and the Quilters have agreed that they can quilt them, we are accepting this piece to go on the International Peace Quilt.  It is obvious that this young person felt the use of words were the best way for her to get her message across for Iran`s and the World`s young people`s wish for Peace. It also adds to the uniqueness of this project. We are all different but the same.

The last words of this Piece are…………

” The best wish is spreading the Peace in the World throughout.Give it back to us therefore ,Please.”

Special thanks to Faeze and everyone from Eghbal Lahoori 2 High School,Iran. Also to Janice Middleton for helping us to reach this school. As the school has no internet,this submission was posted to us. The postal service have done a magnificent job on getting this envelope to us,as the address was not at all clear. So no worries on the U.K. postal system if you send us a drawing by post ,it will get here by hook or by crook!


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