MONTENEGRO, Knightsbridge School

Here we have the colourful drawing from The Knightsbridge School in Tivat, Montenegro the pearl of the Mediterranean. Students from Montenegro say,

” We all wish for Peace to unite all people on the planet.”

Thank you so much to Corine van den Wildenberg Head of School, Corinne Gerling, Milija Bozovic both teaching in Class 5 and all students involved for this creative and unifying piece which will represent Montenegro on the International Peace Quilt.

” We enjoyed learning about the project and creating our submission. Our idea was to incorporate the Montenegrin flag, a collaged map of the country, the dove as the symbol of peace, our school’s logo and the symbols from the world’s major religions.” Corinne Gerling, Milija Bozovic and class 5

Knightsbridge School Montenegro encourages creativity and expression throughout the art curriculum and beyond.

Do something creative each day’ is very much integrated into their teaching philosophy throughout the school and they take great pride in displaying their creativity around the school as well as via exhibitions and public competitions.

IRAN, Eghbal Lahoori 2 High School

From Iran we have received powerful words which have come from the very heart of a 14 year old young girl. This piece has been done by Faeze Karmand from The Eghbal Lahoori 2 High School. Part of the projects requirements are a drawing but as we feel these words are so heartfelt and the Quilters have agreed that they can quilt them, we are accepting this piece to go on the International Peace Quilt.  It is obvious that this young person felt the use of words were the best way for her to get her message across for Iran`s and the World`s young people`s wish for Peace. It also adds to the uniqueness of this project. We are all different but the same.

The last words of this Piece are…………

” The best wish is spreading the Peace in the World throughout.Give it back to us therefore ,Please.”

Special thanks to Faeze and everyone from Eghbal Lahoori 2 High School,Iran. Also to Janice Middleton for helping us to reach this school. As the school has no internet,this submission was posted to us. The postal service have done a magnificent job on getting this envelope to us,as the address was not at all clear. So no worries on the U.K. postal system if you send us a drawing by post ,it will get here by hook or by crook!


GHANA, Scots International School

We welcome another Country from Africa to join the International Peace Quilt Project. A big thank you to the young people from Scots International School in Ghana for this drawing.

                   ” The World without Peace is like a broken Heart.”

It was great to have the chance of a skype call with Tanko the Youth Leader who coordinated the project for Ghana, with some of the students and the Head. Though the connection wasn`t great it was good to speak. Also thank you very much to Alison Gunusen for helping us with a contact for this Country.

Flag of Ghana

The Meaning of the Flag
I decided on the three colors of red, gold & green because of the geography of Ghana. Ghana lies in the tropics and blessed with rich vegetation. The color Gold was influenced by the mineral rich nature of our lands and Red commemorates those who died or worked for the country’s independence. Then the five pointed lone star which is the symbol of African emancipation and unity in the struggle against colonialism.
— Designer: Mrs. Theodosia Salome Okoh

MICRONESIA, Xavier High School

We welcome the drawing which will represent young people from Micronesia on the International Peace Quilt.

” We wish for Peace because it brings the World together.”

Thank you to Mr Martin Carl,Principal ,Jeff Pouzar Art Teacher and everyone involved for their participation.

The motto of the school is “Ut Omnes Unum Sint” meaning “That All May Be One”.

GUAM, St.John’s school


We all wish for Peace because if we all work together we can accomplish anything 



Thank you to everyone from St. John`s school in  Guam for these very colourful drawings and  to Alice Chapin,the art teacher there  for coordinating the project for the school.

It is  amazing the unbelievable swiftness this school has got their drawing to us. St. John`s accepted to participate on the 8th December 2011 and sent us drawings by the 14th  of this Month. So anything is really possible…………

Thumbnail for version as of 05:41, 22 Agosto 2011

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Uptown Primary School Dubai.

Thank you to everyone in Uptown Primary School Dubai, UAE for these wonderful drawings. These art works have been done by students in grades 4 and 5.

We all wish for Peace because it brings us together.

We wish for Peace because it promotes friendship and makes the world unite.

We wish for Peace cos it means Unity and prosperity.

We wish for Peace because it means lots of happiness in the World.

We wish for Peace because Peace means happiness and not war.

Thank you to Bhavna Doshi for coordinating the project for the United Arab Emirates.         “Our children have been very excited about this project.”

MALTA Stella Maris College, Gzira

                    ” We care about Peace because we value Life.”

Thank you to Shaun Vella for this lovely colourful drawing to represent young people from The Stella Maris College Senior School and Malta. Fantastic the way the Maltese flag is incorporated within the Peace symbol.

Also a big thank you  to everyone that participated, all students and Maria Baldacchino art teacher who helped coordinate the project for Malta. Well done.


CHAD, Wellspring Academy


Thank you so  much to everyone involved from The Wellspring Academy,N`Djamena, Chad for this drawing. The young people from Chad say,

” We all wish for Peace because God calls us to live at Peace with everyone.” 

Thank you also to Debbie Weissenburger for coordinating the project for Chad.

It is with joy and excitement that I attach the pdf of our Chad entry for your Peace Quilt. Thank you for what you are doing. This project has brought much fun to our school and we’ll anticipate the Olympics more now.
Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
Also attached is a picture of our wee quilt!  The kids had a great time voting.
Debbie Weissenburger
Wellspring Academy
N’Djamena Chad Africa

URUGUAY, St. Patricks College











Thank you to everyone in St. Patricks College Montevideo,Uruguay for this selection of drawings. The school  has sent us 10 of the many drawings that were done in the School.

We all wish for Peace because we deserve it.

We all wish for Peace because it takes all sorts to make a World.











We all wish for Peace because it is the key to a happy World

We all wish for peace because we can make a better place











We all wish for Peace because each human being needs it

We all wish for peace because it is what makes people think……











We all wish for Peace because it’s essential to life

We all wish for peace because the World claims for it











We all wish for peace because we are part of the World,and we have to take care of the environment and not destroy it

We all wish for peace because…….we need a better world without discrimination wars nor conflicts

Special thanks to all young people involved and to Mary Evans for coordinating the project for Uruguay. We will choose one to go on the Quilt to represent your voice in the International Peace Quilt Project. Great job done by all.

Uruguay Flag Meaning:
The sun emblem is the ‘Sun of May’; it is a symbol of freedom and independence. The nine stripes represent the nine provinces of Uruguay, which existed at the time of the flags creation.

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