CôTE d’IVOIRE, Morning Glory International School.

Thank you wholeheartely to everyone  involved from The Morning Glory International School, Côte d’Ivoire for this wonderful piece of work.

“We all wish for Peace because it is the key to a better World!”

Special thanks to Mr. Micahlord R. Lamptey project coordinator at this school.

A little background from Morning Glory International School

This school had planned to participate  fully in the project last year but the political unrest in the  country sent everyone  seeking for peace in diverse places. School was closed down  and all  students who were to participate could not get their  assignments in. Since things are now back to normal , the school is now in a position to partcipate.  We are grateful for this. Thank you.

Interesting Cote d’Ivoire Flag Facts:

The flag of Cote d’Ivoire is similar to the flag of Ireland; although Ireland’s flag is longer and the colors reversed.

Protocol in Cote d’Ivoire states that saluting the flag should occur regularly in schools and colleges and during official ceremonies.


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