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THAILAND, Bangkok Patana School

30 Nov

Thailands drawing of Peace for the International Peace Quilt. Another great drawing which is very typical of it`s Country.

Thanks so much to Erika Tham for this one,especially as the school has been closed and working under difficult circumstances. A big thank you for getting the drawing to us!

Well done to everyone involved and to Alan Davis the Schools Visual Arts Specialist for organising this for Thailand.

The Thai flag is called Triaranga or Triarong, which literally means ‘tricolor’.


SOUTH AFRICA, Summit College

30 Nov

And Another today………

This is the drawing received from Summit College in South Africa. Thanks so much to Glen aged 10 for this great piece.

Glen`s Quote for Peace,
” The reason why I would like peace and love to happen and spread during the 2012 Olympic Games is because I would like all people to feel happy with each other.”
 Thanks also to Molly Madox for coordinating the project for South Africa.

Why the Elephant as the School Symbol?

A successful school has many of the commendable attributes of elephants.

Elephants adapt to their environment in changing times – they are unafraid of change and able to move quickly. They live in harmony with all other animals and make a forceful impact on their surroundings. In our diverse, multi-cultural South African society there is much to learn from these highly intelligent creatures.

The elephant is associated with leadership – Shaka, the great Zulu leader, was called “son of the elephant” and the Swazi king, Mswati, has the title “the great elephant”.

Elephants have been honoured in many cultures in the East and Africa for thousands of years. African legends about times before people lived on earth describe the elephant as the king of the animals. Stories tell of peaceful and prosperous times as the elephant was a fair and wise leader. The elephant ensured that resources were shared equally and was the most respected animal on earth. In the same way, co-operation and proven leadership are essential in a good school.

Elephants never abuse their power. Within the herd they care for each other, the adults protecting and guiding the younger ones. Undoubtedly they share their knowledge and wisdom with each other.

The elephant will face danger with courage and fortitude. They are family orientated – their herds being extended families where peace and order reign.

We chose the name Summit, meaning a gathering of leaders who meet to reach consensus, and we have adopted elephants as our school symbol. With these two distinctive elements we strive to emulate their admirable qualities. Respect for leadership, order in the family group, bonding, communication and nurturing the next generation are all goals we endeavour to instill in all our students.

South African Flag History:
The South African flag was adopted on April 27, 1994 after Nelson Mandela was elected President. A new national flag was adopted to signify the dawn of a new democratic South Africa and to reflect the country’s political transformation. It is one of the world’s newest flags. South Africa gained independence from Britain on May 31, 1910.

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KAZAKHSTAN, Almaty International

30 Nov

Thank you to Ha Vi and Kathleen for these 2 drawings from the Almaty International, Kazakhstan.

Ha Vi says ” We all wish Peace so Countries will not fight.”

Kathleen says ” We all wish for Peace because it will make the World a happier place.”

Thank you to Kalpana Rajput art teacher for coordinating the project for the Almaty International School, Kazakhstan.

A modern interpretation states the blue background stands for Kazakhstan’s broad skies, and for freedom. The steppe eagle and the sun represent freedom and the flight toward greater heights and fulfillment of aspiration.

TAIWAN, l-Shou International School

30 Nov

Thank you to Lu Niang Cheng  from  l- Shou International Taiwan for this creative drawing.

Humans are just like toddlers;

they need a Father who stands for “United Earth” and a Mother who stands for” love in Equal.”

Then when the Parents watch their children walk on an earth full of problems, Humans` footprints would look like


Thank you to everyone involved from l-Shou International and to Cobus  Botus  CAS Coordinator for organising the project for young people of Taiwan.

Taiwan flag

FIJI, Sujit Kumar Happy Home

30 Nov

Thank you very much to Natasha age 8 for this drawing to represent young people from The Sujit Kumar Happy Home and Fiji.

” We all wish for Peace because the World feels Happy with Peace and Happy.”

Special thanks also to Elizabeth Clayton for coordinating this project for Fiji and to Kay Pratt and Anna Font for finding us this wonderful contact.

Elizabeth does amazing work for children in this Country.  We have also just found out that The Rotary clubs support this work,which is great  as The Guisborough Rotary Club are also one of the partners in The International Peace Quilt Project.

One of Elizabeth’s favourite mottos was first written by Marian Wright Edelman:

“If you don’t stand up for children then you don’t stand up for much”

The light blue base symbolizes the Pacific Ocean. The dove in the coat of arms symbolizes peace. Two symbols of the emblem represent Fiji’s colonial past. The golden lion holding a coconut represents Britain, as does the red cross of St George of England in the middle of the emblem.

SAUDI ARABIA, Al Waha International School

19 Nov

A great selection of drawings here from Al Waha International Saudi Arabia.

Well done to Alima Ali Art Teacher and to Naymah, Afnan, Shifa, Naila, Alia, Rabia, Aiman, Hania, Anwaar, Rimsha for these creative works of art. Also thanks to Fazeena registrar for getting the pieces to us.

My feelings about this competition by Alima.

” I feel art is the best way to exchange culture, traditions, expression and awareness among people, students, children from any race, country and religion … they are like a clay dough u can mould them and inculcate ideas and thoughts in them … this art project in London … for Olympics 2012 is a huge step towards bringing awareness to younger generations about peace and the current scenario in their respective countries … I feel so blessed that our school got selected and we are representing The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is  just not an opportunity it’s a responsibility for us to work honestly, aesthetically and represent feelings and talk through medium of line, colour, paint about PEACE WHICH IS SO VERY IMPORTANT IN well being of human race. I wish all my students good luck and wish Trish and your team success with this project and wish good luck to all the participants for their contribution towards this creative gesture:) thank u” Alima

And thank you all so much for  your participation and for seeing the importance of this project…

ROMANIA, International Computer High School Bucharest.

16 Nov









Thank you to all the students in the International Computer High School Bucharest for the many wonderful drawings/paintings. Another difficult choice to be made. Special thanks also to art teacher Teodora Visineanu for collaborating the project for this school and for Romania. Great Job done by all.

We all wish for Peace because it means Life.





















Interesting Romanian Flag Facts:
There are four countries that use a blue-yellow-red vertical striped flag. They are Moldova, Andorra, Chad and Romania. The Moldovan flag is distinguished by the addition of a coat of arms, but the colors are related to and similarly derived from those of the Romanian flag. The flag of Chad is almost identical to Romania’s flag.