MONTSERRAT, St Augustine Primary School

We welcome the drawing from St. Augustine Primary School in Montserrat. Thank you so much to everyone involved and to Ann Marie Dewar , Principal for coordinating the project for this school. Also thank you to Ann Marie for your persistence in overcoming internet issues to get this drawing to us. We are very glad you did.

“We want World Peace because we want fighting to stop and harmony and love to shine through everywhere.”

“It was a great honour to have been invited to take part in the international peace quilt project.  Blessings from St. Augustine School, Montserrat, West Indies.”
With best regards
Ann Marie Dewar

This school has been tested many times by the elements and times been brought to its knees. Never giving in and now at its new home in Woodlands Montserrat the school continues to strive towards the goal of becoming a Centre of Excellence for education in Montserrat and beyond.

Interesting Montserrat Flag Facts:
The coat of arms on the Montserrat flag depicts Erin (the female figure – and a symbol of freedom for Ireland). Many of the Montserrat Island’s residents speak with an Irish brogue as a large number of Irish people were sent to Montserrat Island by Oliver Cromwell in the 17th century.

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  1. “MONTSERRAT, St Augustine Primary School School’s International Peace Quilt” in fact causes me personally contemplate a tiny bit extra. I appreciated every particular component of this post. I appreciate it ,Donny

  2. Dear colleagues,
    I am an English teacher trainer from Cuba who has been teaching English as a Second Language and as an Additional Language from Lower schools to Universities.
    I am teaching EAL at the International School of Havana, Cuba at the moment. I also have experience in doing in class support activity as well, working with mainstream teachers deeply.

    I am very interested in teaching English in other places mainly at International Schools out of the country, I would like to put into practice what I have learned doing my Master in TESOL in London, UK and as part of my teaching experience as well. I was reading the mission of your school and it looks quite interesting and challenging for me.

    Is there any opportunity for me to apply for a job as an English teacher in your school during the Summer Time for example?

    Thank you very much.

    I could send my VC just in case you might need it.
    I would love very much to be in contact with you.
    Thanks again!
    Yordanka Brunet

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