BRAZIL, International School of Curitiba.

Here we have some of the drawings received from The International school of Curitiba, Brazil. A huge thank you to Thaisa Sant`Ana, Andre Szazi and Diego Arteche for these. Also special thanks to Renata Otsuka art teacher in this school for successfully coordinating the project for Brazil.

“We all wish for Peace because united we are stronger.”

“We all wish for Peace because it makes us all united.”

“The best way to have Peace is having Peace with yourself.”











Brazilian Flag Meaning:
The colors green and yellow represent the Royal Houses of Bragança (Emperor Pedro I) and Habsburg (Empress Leopoldina). The stars on the blue circle represent the sky over Rio de Janeiro on the night of November 15, 1889, which is the day the Republic of Brazil was declared. Each of the 27 stars represents a different Brazilian state and the Federal District. The number of stars changes anytime a new state is created. When the Brazilian Republic was founded there were 21 stars. The star representing the Federal District is ‘Sigma Octantis’, and its position near the south celestial pole, makes it visible across most of Brazil all year round.


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