MONTSERRAT, St Augustine Primary School

We welcome the drawing from St. Augustine Primary School in Montserrat. Thank you so much to everyone involved and to Ann Marie Dewar , Principal for coordinating the project for this school. Also thank you to Ann Marie for your persistence in overcoming internet issues to get this drawing to us. We are very glad you did.

“We want World Peace because we want fighting to stop and harmony and love to shine through everywhere.”

“It was a great honour to have been invited to take part in the international peace quilt project.  Blessings from St. Augustine School, Montserrat, West Indies.”
With best regards
Ann Marie Dewar

This school has been tested many times by the elements and times been brought to its knees. Never giving in and now at its new home in Woodlands Montserrat the school continues to strive towards the goal of becoming a Centre of Excellence for education in Montserrat and beyond.

Interesting Montserrat Flag Facts:
The coat of arms on the Montserrat flag depicts Erin (the female figure – and a symbol of freedom for Ireland). Many of the Montserrat Island’s residents speak with an Irish brogue as a large number of Irish people were sent to Montserrat Island by Oliver Cromwell in the 17th century.

KAZAKHSTAN, Miras International School

Here we have some of the drawings received from Miras International Kazakhstan. Thank you to art teacher Deepa Sharma for the fantastic competition organised in this school. All the drawings are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much to everyone involved. It is so moving to see what is being created here 😉

“We all wish for Peace because we want to be happy.”


We all wish Peace because the World will be united and together, all of us are family, a strong family.

We all wish for Peace because we want us,our relatives and friends be happy.



We all wish for Peace because we want to be happy.

We wish for Peace because we love it.


“Footpath to Peace” day at Miras.

Friday 21 September has been named “Footpath to Peace” day at Miras.

We invite our school community to share with our students to celebrate the meaning of peace and join with us in expressing what peace means to you. All students and staff will gather at 1000 to sing “We are the World” which is a symbol of our unity.

We will then proceed to display on the footpaths of the school the images of peace that will be drawn by our students and staff. So please join us on this special day and be part of “Footpath to Peace”. The event will conclude at approximately 1100.

Kazakhstan flag has sky blue background. In the middle of the flag of Kazakhstan there is a golden sun with thirty two rays and this sun is placed over an golden eagle. On the hoisting side of the flag there is a golden ornamentation.

The sky color signifies several Turkic people and also indicates the sky god. The ornamentation stands for the cultural heritage of old Kazakhstan while the eagle indicates to the golden rule of Genghis Khan empire in Kazakhstan.

BRAZIL, International School of Curitiba.

Here we have some of the drawings received from The International school of Curitiba, Brazil. A huge thank you to Thaisa Sant`Ana, Andre Szazi and Diego Arteche for these. Also special thanks to Renata Otsuka art teacher in this school for successfully coordinating the project for Brazil.

“We all wish for Peace because united we are stronger.”

“We all wish for Peace because it makes us all united.”

“The best way to have Peace is having Peace with yourself.”











Brazilian Flag Meaning:
The colors green and yellow represent the Royal Houses of Bragança (Emperor Pedro I) and Habsburg (Empress Leopoldina). The stars on the blue circle represent the sky over Rio de Janeiro on the night of November 15, 1889, which is the day the Republic of Brazil was declared. Each of the 27 stars represents a different Brazilian state and the Federal District. The number of stars changes anytime a new state is created. When the Brazilian Republic was founded there were 21 stars. The star representing the Federal District is ‘Sigma Octantis’, and its position near the south celestial pole, makes it visible across most of Brazil all year round.

SIERRA LEONE, Rhema Preparatory school Thunder Hill

Thank you so much to Sahr Kondo Wi for this drawing to represent young people from Sierra Leone.

Peace Unity Freedom Justice, that`s all we want.”

“Its worth knowing that trees have a special significance in family life, and the cotton tree (that can grow very large) is particularly important in Sierra Leone. The concept of the ‘family tree’ is both literal, in that people gather their families around and under particular trees to eat, work etc, and symbolic in referring to the extended family” says Nick Marshall. Nick spent several months at this school as a volunteer teacher. Nick also said these children live a very basic life where in most places there is no running water. The walls of the school are plain concrete  with no pictures on them. The civil war had wrecked the infrastructure of the country and things are improving slowly. For Nick to be able to return to the U.K. and turn the tap on was fantastic!

Just a reminder of how lucky we are.

Sierra Leone Flag Description

The green stripe represents agriculture, the country’s natural wealth and its mountains. The white stripe stands for justice and unity, and blue represents the Atlantic Ocean and the harbour of Freetown, the country’s capital.

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VIETNAM, ABC International School

We thank everyone from The ABCIS in Ho Chi Minh city for this drawing to represent young people of Vietnam. Special thanks to Ngoc age 12 for creating this piece with the lovely colours of the Vietnamese flag incorporated. The ABC International School is a rapidly expanding multi-national, non-denominational day school.It  is much more than a school and can better be described as a community of like-minded, highly motivated, life-long learners who are united by the common purpose of pursuing educational excellence. Thanks also to Grant Pratt art teacher,for coordinating the project for this school.

Vietnamese Flag Meaning:

The red base represents blood spilt during the country’s fight for independence. The star represents Vietnam’s unity and the points on the star represent the union of the workers, peasants, soldiers, intellectuals and young people working together in building socialism.

BOLIVIA, Santa Cruz International

A lovely surprise from Santa Cruz International School, Bolivia. Thank you to Francisca Wray Grade 5 for her winning drawing to represent Bolivia on the Quilt.

Francisca says “Lets cover the World with Peace.”

And to Patricia Quiroga Thank You for coordinating the project in this school.


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