THE BAHAMAS, Lucaya International School

Here we have the drawing from The Lucaya International School The Bahamas. Thanks so much to Annable Purvis year 6 for creating the winning drawing.

“We all wish for PEACE because we want Love and happiness”.

Special thanks to everyone involved and also to Rob Fuller for coordinating the project for The Bahamas.

“Good luck with the Peace Quilt. It’s a brilliant idea and Lucaya International School is proud to be part of it.
Many thanks.” Rob
Bahamian Flag Meaning:
The yellow stripe in the middle of the Bahamian flag represents the sandy beaches of the 700 Bahamian islands, and the aqua blue stripes symbolize the ocean waters that surround it. The black triangle stands for unity of the Bahamian nation and the people’s determination to develop the land and the sea.

GUYANA, The Georgetown International Academy











This is the drawing to represent children of Guyana from The Georgetown International Academy. This piece has been put together as one by including 7 different sketches from the children . A special thank you to all Seventh Graders and to Michael Khan for this wonderful piece to join in The International Peace Quilt.

Since drawing this piece the young people of the Georgetown International Academy have now transferred to material. We are really looking forward to quilting this piece when it arrives.

Interesting Guyana Flag Facts:
The Guyana flag is also known as the Golden Arrowhead.

LIBYA, Tripoli School

We really welcome this drawing to represent children of Libya. A huge thank you to Hala aged 6 and her family for this drawing. Also special thanks to Christina Allen who had been working in A Tripoli School until it had to be closed a while ago. It really took something to produce this drawing. Notice a bunch of flowers coming from the tank. We wish Libya and her people well.

HAITI, Union School

Here we have the wonderful drawing to represent young people from Haiti created by Ginnan Al Maghrabi and Maha Al Maghrabi. 

The  students’ wish:

“We all need Peace in the World because in unity there is strength.”

Thank you to everyone in Union School for participating in this project and to Beatrice Francis for the coordination of the project in this school.

The coat of arms on this flag consists of a Palmette surrounded by the liberty cap, and under the palms a trophy with the inscription: ‘L’Union Fait la Force’, which means ‘in union there is strength’.

Copyright©2010-2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt, All rights reserved.

THE PHILIPPINES, Cebu International School

Here we have the colourful drawing received from the students of Cebu International School,The Philippines. Thank you so much to everyone and to Ms Deidre Fischer Superintendent at the school for coordinating the project for this country. This drawing will soon be copied to material and quilted to join over half the World already represented in The International Peace Quilt.

“Just to let you know, the challenge to the kids was to express a design that reflected how we could use the IB Learner profile to contribute to understanding worldwide. In that way, that is how we believe that peace can be achieved … through the development of the attributes of the IB Learner Profile in education.:) ” Ms Deidre Fischer.

Philippine Flag Meaning:
The blue stripe symbolizes patriotism and justice. The red represents valor and the blood spilt for freedom and independence and the white stands for peace and purity. The white triangle represents equality and the Katipunan nationalist organization. The three stars represent the three main geographical regions of the Philippines: Luzon, Mindanao and Visayas. The sun represents independence and its eight rays represent the eight provinces that led the Philippine uprising against Spanish rule.


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