VANUATU, Pango Center School

3 Aug

We must be together like a family. Stop fighting, can we create peace among ourselves by Joseph .

I wish we all have peace but not war in our World .  In my Country we have Peace 

I hope you have fun with friends by Erenui


Peace is caring for each other,helping others,loving each other, and always smiling to people you meet. I want the World to live in Peace like my beautiful country Vanuatu.  by Marianna

A selection of drawings received from The Pango Center School,Port Vila, Vanuatu. Special thanks to Erenui age 12, Joseph age 11, and Marianna age 11 for these pieces of art. Thank you also to Jennifer Atisson and Henry Tavoa for helping to coordinate this project for Vanuatu.

The boar’s tusk is a traditional Vanuatu symbol of prosperity and is worn as a pendant by islanders. The leaves stand for peace. If looking at Vanuatu on a map, the islands that make up the nation form a Y-shape; this is represented by the Y on the flag.


One Response to “VANUATU, Pango Center School”

  1. Henry Tavoa September 6, 2011 at 01:55 #

    Thanks to LOCOG & Trish Booth & Jennifer Atisson for the opportunity for Vanuatu to be part of this Peace Quilt Project

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