NORWAY, Skagerak International School

This is the drawing received from the Skagerak International School in Norway, chosen by staff members from a number of designs created by students of their Global Issues group.

The artist, Monika Karlsen and the children from Norway say:

We all wish for Peace,We all can live as equals.”

Thank you so much to Monika Karlsen, Angela Broekel, as well as the students and staff involved, especially as this drawing turned up after being missing in action for awhile. We are really grateful for its reappearance three weeks after a difficult time for this country.

Norwegian Flag Meaning:
The colours of the Norwegian flag are believed to have been influenced by the flags of France, the United States and Britain and are considered the colours of liberty and independence. The cross is common to most Scandinavian flags, and represents Norway’s link to the other Scandinavian countries.

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The Republic of the Marshall Islands, Majuro Cooperative School.

This design is most certainly a united effort as all the names of those who have contributed are displayed around the edge.

The students message: “We all wish for Peace because we are one great big family living under the same sky.”

Thank you to Devin Michel for coordinating this project for the Majuro Cooperative School in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Plus a massive thank you to all the students for their input.  The school represents diverse cultural and socio economic backgrounds; integration at it`s finest.

The Marshall Islands flag was adopted on May 1, 1979. The Marshall Islands gained independence from the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands on October 21, 1986. The President’s wife, Emlain Kabua, designed the Marshall Islands flag and it was chosen from among 50 other flag designs.

Copyright © 2010-2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt, All rights reserved.

CAMEROON, High School

Peace, Friendship, Love, Better world

This is the drawing received to represent the nation of  Cameroon on the 2012 Peace Quilt.

Thank you to Suzanne Eboutou for coordinating the project for the Cameroon Students.

Cameroon is the second modern African state (after Ghana) to adopt pan-African colours: green stands for hope, red for unity whilst yellow represents prosperity. They are based on the colours of the Ethiopian flag.

VANUATU, Pango Center School

We must be together like a family. Stop fighting, can we create peace among ourselves by Joseph .

I wish we all have peace but not war in our World .  In my Country we have Peace 

I hope you have fun with friends by Erenui


Peace is caring for each other,helping others,loving each other, and always smiling to people you meet. I want the World to live in Peace like my beautiful country Vanuatu.  by Marianna

A selection of drawings received from The Pango Center School,Port Vila, Vanuatu. Special thanks to Erenui age 12, Joseph age 11, and Marianna age 11 for these pieces of art. Thank you also to Jennifer Atisson and Henry Tavoa for helping to coordinate this project for Vanuatu.

The boar’s tusk is a traditional Vanuatu symbol of prosperity and is worn as a pendant by islanders. The leaves stand for peace. If looking at Vanuatu on a map, the islands that make up the nation form a Y-shape; this is represented by the Y on the flag.

MACEDONIA, International School of Skopje

Thank you to everyone involved from The International School of Skopje,Macedonia for this very creative drawing.

We all wish for Peace because war isn’t any good

Thank you for the invitation to participate in 2012 Olympic Project.We are honored to be invited to be part of this wonderful project. Our answer is Yes, we would like to participate, it will be our pleasure!

Thank you,Sincerely Kristina Bozurska and Daniela Jankulovska art teachers.

Macedonian Flag Meaning:
The sun design is a simplified version of the Star of Vergina, which appeared on Macedonia’s former national flag. Red has been a significant color throughout the history of Macedonian flags. The sun also represents “the new sun of liberty”, which is mentioned in the country’s national anthem.

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