20 Jul

Thank you to Alyson Faller, English Teacher and IB coordinator at West African College of the Atlantic for sending us the chosen design to represent children of Senegal .

Special thanks to Alimatou from the college for this creative drawing representing young people of Senegal’s wish for Peace.

Alimatou says  We all wish for Peace because no one will suffer.

Interesting Senegalese Flag Facts:
Early in 2004, President Wade of Senegal reportedly had designed a new flag for the country, but in doing so he violated the country’s constitution as only the vote of the Senegalese people have the right to change any of the country’s symbols.


One Response to “SENEGAL, WACA Dakar”

  1. Néné Ly November 18, 2012 at 11:47 #

    i am in Waca je suis à waca cette école est fantastique je suis en 6ème et je m appelle Néné Ly

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