UNITED KINGDOM, Abraham Moss High School, Manchester

When Peace and Harmony comes into this World that’s the root of a good life……

I want Peace because Peace is the only way to make Earth Heaven by Asma Ahmed

I wish for Peace because I want to put Harmony on the top of the list by Aniqah Butt

We all wish for Peace because we all deserve Happiness by Noor Akram and Iqra Iqbal

Abraham Moss High School

We held a competition at our school for pupils to produce a square for the quilt. We Had many entries and the privilege of  Trish coming to choose the winner for us! The winner was Asma Ahmed, age 14. She said she wanted to include in her image the idea that everyone is equal and that we will live peacefully if we unite together in love. This is what the symbol in the top right hand corner means. It is also based on the idea of our school logo of everyone from every country living in harmony with each other.

Aniqah Butt came second with her image of the ‘eyes of peace’. we particularly liked the detail and the colours used.Aniqah said “I drew this because it shows that you need more than one person to make peace in the world, because together we are stronger. When the world is peaceful then nothing is impossible”.

Joint 3rd place were Noor Akram and Iqra Iqbal. We liked the way Noor used our school logo and Iqra used different religious symbols to make up the peace sign.  LUCY TASKER, Project Co-Creator

Thank you Lucy for all that you have  done,You are amazing and to everyone else in your school, all Teachers, Students and Rowena your Printer.

The British flag’s more common name is the Union Jack.

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