SPAIN, St. George’s School, Roquetas De Mar.

We have a selection of drawings here from St. George`s School, Roquentas De Mar, Spain. These lovely, creative,drawings have been designed by students from Year 5 and year 6. Thank you to Maria, Claudia, and Sarea.

Peace for the World.We all wish for peace because the world would be much much happier. Maria

We all wish for peace because we want the whole world to be joyful.Claudia


We need to have peace in the world because travelling would be easier and everyone would be happy. Sarea








We welcome and thank  St. George`s School, Spain for your participation in this project.

In the center of the  crowned shield of the coat of arms, is the emblem of the reigning Spanish royal Family, House of Bourbon, which is a blue oval with a red-edged border containing three fleur de lies. At the bottom of the shield is a pomegranate representing Grenada. Wrapped around the pillars is a red scroll with the motto ‘Plus Ultra’ written on it. The motto translates to ‘there is more beyond’.


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