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UNITED STATES, Bosque School, New Mexico

27 Jul

Thank you to Bekah Holt  of the Bosque School, New Mexico  U.S. for this very creative drawing.

We all wish for Peace because Peace is love and kindness and means a better world.

Thank you to all the students that took part in this project and also to Alauro Nellos who helped coordinate the project for The Bosque School and the U.S.



Special thanks to my friend Deb Loftin, Albuquerque for connecting us to this school and for giving her full support to this project in its very early days,especially when needed. Thank you.

Interesting American Flag Fact:
The American flag is often called “the stars and stripes” or “Old Glory.”



26 Jul


Thank you to all the staff and students in AISM Mozambique for this drawing to represent young people from this Country.

The students from AISM say We wish for Peace because we wish the World to smile.

Mozambique Flag Meaning:
The red stripe represents the Mozambique’s struggle for independence. The green symbolizes the land. The black represents the African continent and yellow stands for the mineral wealth of the nation. The yellow star represents the socialist beliefs of the country. The book represents education and the hoe represents the peasants and agriculture. The rifle represents the nation’s determination to defend its freedom.

TONGA, Ocean of Light International School

25 Jul




Here we have the drawing received from Students at The Ocean of Light International School, Nuku`alofa, Tonga.

They say We all wish for Peace because it brings happyness to our World.

Thank you very much to Alan Cains and all involved.

Interesting Tongan Flag Facts:
Tonga used to fly a flag that was the same as the flag of the Red Cross organization, so the Tongan flag was changed to avoid confusion with it.

An 1875 law states the Tongan flag should never be altered.


SAMOA, The Vaipua & Fogasavaii Primary School

24 Jul

Thank you to The Vaipua & Fogasavaii Primary School,Savaii Samoa for this wonderful  drawing. 

“My students were thrilled to be included in the project. I had all the year 5 and 6 students (ages 10-12) draw pictures of their idea of “peace” and I took the five best ones and had those students merge them into one picture and paint it
with watercolors.” Elisa

Thanks to all the students involved and to Elisa Maelen Law who is a Peace Corps Volunteer in  Samoa for coordinating this project for the children here.

Interesting Samoan Flag Facts:
The Island changed its name from Western Samoa to the Independent state of Samoa in 1997, but the flag remained the same.

TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS, The Ashcroft School

20 Jul

Here we have the drawing to represent The Ashcroft School from the Turks & Caicos Islands. This lovely piece of work has been done by children attending Summer camp from the school. Thank you to their principal,David O` Connell for pulling out the stops to get this drawing to us.

The Turks & Caicos young people say

“We all wish for Peace because we want all children to be safe and happy in school,like us.”


20 Jul

Thank you to Alyson Faller, English Teacher and IB coordinator at West African College of the Atlantic for sending us the chosen design to represent children of Senegal .

Special thanks to Alimatou from the college for this creative drawing representing young people of Senegal’s wish for Peace.

Alimatou says  We all wish for Peace because no one will suffer.

Interesting Senegalese Flag Facts:
Early in 2004, President Wade of Senegal reportedly had designed a new flag for the country, but in doing so he violated the country’s constitution as only the vote of the Senegalese people have the right to change any of the country’s symbols.

ICELAND International School of Iceland

18 Jul

 This is the colourful drawing received in the post from The International School of Iceland.Thanks to Heida Mist Kristjansdottir for this one which presents all young people  of Iceland in this wish.

Heida says  We all wish for Peace because Life is too short to waste in hatred.






Icelandic Flag Meaning:
The cross on the Icelandic flag represents Iceland’s Scandinavian connection. The Icelandic flag was designed by Matthias Thordarson. He explained the colors as representing blue for the mountains, white for ice and snow and red for fire and lava as Iceland has much volcanic activity. Blue and white are the country’s traditional colors. The Icelandic flag is a reversed version of the Norwegian flag and it reflects Iceland’s early ancestral link to Norway. It also incorporates the red and white of Denmark’s flag.