GABON, Ecole Yenzi

1 Jun

Thanks so much to Rachel Henderson for the winning drawing to represent students of  Ecole Yenzi, Gabon. This design was chosen from the competition which was held in their school.

Also special thanks to Els Van Wijk, coordinator of the project and to all the students involved who are delighted to be representing Gabon. Great Drawing.

Rachel  says,

” We all wish for Peace, We all wait for it,some of us seek it,but the rest of us stay in our places,waiting and waiting for it to happen without doing anything ourselves.”

Gabon Flag Meaning:
The flag represents Gabon’s geographical position in the world. The yellow stripe through the middle of the flag represents the equator which runs through Gabon, and it also represents the sun. The color blue represents the Atlantic Ocean which laps Gabon’s shores, and the color green symbolizes the country’s lush vegetation and forests.


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