ECUADOR, Colegio Alberto Einstein

A group of art students from Colegio Alberto Einstein,Ecuador worked together to create this collaborative piece. Thank you so much to all the students involved and to Jacqueline Urresta for coordinating the project in this school.

” This work was chosen because we rewarded the collaborative work. We are incredibly excited with the project.  Best wishes, Jacqui ”

The students wrote,  We all wish for Peace because war is not the answer.

The second drawing is from a student in 6th Grade,  We all wish for Peace because our environment depends on it.



Interesting Ecuador Flag Facts:
The flags of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela are very similar because upon their independence in 1822 they formed a confederation called Gran Colombia. After they parted ways in 1830, they all retained the same essential flag design, whose inspiration is attributed to freedom fighter General Francisco Miranda.

The bird on the Ecuador flag’s coat of arms is an Andean Condor. This native South American bird is also on the arms of Bolivia, Chile and Colombia.


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