This is a drawing which has been created through a joint effort on behalf of Singapore and Timor Leste. Tarni and her school mates from The United World College of Southeast Asia in Singapore, had trained for a year to attend an Initiative for Peace Conference in Timor Leste. Tarni and her friends spent the past week there working with Timorese participants. During the conference, Tarni and her mates shared youth leadership skills with the  participants.Tarni coordinated the Peace Quilt design. There were 12 designs which the conference participants and facilitators voted on, and this is  the winning design, submitted by Qamaruzzaman Amir, the Physics educator with UWC, Singapore.
“I hope this design is credited to a joint Singapore/Timor Leste effort. In actual fact, we are an international school and our facilitator team of 24 represent 18 nationalities.
Thank you so much for your Peace Quilt effort. i wish you all the best for the completion of the project.” Qman

JAMAICA, Hillel academy

This is the drawing created by Ashley Chang Pong to represent Hillel Academy and Jamaica. Thanks so much to Ashley, Mr. Holmes , the Schools Head, Angela Worton, their Art Teacher and to everyone else involved.

  There is no earth without Peace.

The Jamaican flag is symbolized by the motto: ‘Hardships there are but the land is green and the sun shineth’.

NIGER, Sahel Academy West Africa

This is the chosen drawing received from Sahel Academy  Niger, West Africa. Thank you to Bayan Ayoubzadeh aged 15 from Grade 9.

Bayan’s  words:

Spiritual, Intellectual,and Physical education will lead people towards Peace all around the World.” 

Thank you so much to everyone involved from Sahel Academy.

Niger Flag Meaning:
The orange symbolizes the Sahara Desert, which covers more than half of the country of Niger. White stands for purity and innocence and the green stands for the River Niger, and the lush vegetation and fertile agricultural areas of the country. The orange circle represents the sun and also the readiness of Niger to defend its freedom.

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LAOS, Vientiane International School

Here we have 2 drawings received from The Vientiane International School in LAOS. Thank you very much to Alison Francis for coordinating the project for this school and special thanks to all the students involved.

The schools mission is to challenge, inspire and prepare learners for life. The School  provides a safe, respectful, collaborative and sustainable learning  environment, a high quality holistic education, empowering learners to be  internationally-minded  global  citizens and enriching learning experiences  through interaction  with the  Lao community and their international  communities.

LATVIA, International School of Latvia

Thank you to Angelika Gavrileja,Grade 7, age 13 from The International School of Latvia for this wonderful drawing. Also special thanks to Greta Keltz the art teacher in this school for coordinating the project for the students of Latvia.

What Peace means to me ? Freedom 

Interesting Latvian Flag Facts:
The Latvian flag is reported to date back to a military unit in 1279, which would make it one of the oldest national flags in the world.


INDONESIA, SD Negeri Ungaran 1 Yogykarta

This is the drawing received from Raffi Anandita Perdana from Grade 6 in SD Negeri Ungaran 1 Yogykarta School.Thanks so much to Raffi for this great drawing which includes a wonderful selection of different and very colourful Flags.

Raffi says , “We all wish for Peace because we  live here together —–  and only together can we achieve peace.”

Indonesian Flag Meaning:

The flags on the Indonesian flag represent the following: the red stripe symbolizes blood and represents the human body; the white stripe represents the soul and the spirit; and when put together the red and white represent a complete human being.

BANGLADESH, International School Dhaka

This is the drawing done with Batik art which will represent students from Bangladesh on the Art quilt.Thank you so much to Farhana, all students taking part and to Totty Aris for the coordination of this project in your school.

“Attached is our photo of an art work based on the IB learner profile for the peace quilt. It was painted with Batik art by our grade 6 student Farhana Mohd Mustaffarizan.

I hope it works, good luck with the peace quilt.”
With regards,Totty


The Bangladesh flag consists of a red circle on a green base. The circle is placed slightly to the left side of the Bangladesh flag so when the flag is flying on a mast the circle will appear to be in the center.

ECUADOR, Colegio Alberto Einstein

A group of art students from Colegio Alberto Einstein,Ecuador worked together to create this collaborative piece. Thank you so much to all the students involved and to Jacqueline Urresta for coordinating the project in this school.

” This work was chosen because we rewarded the collaborative work. We are incredibly excited with the project.  Best wishes, Jacqui ”

The students wrote,  We all wish for Peace because war is not the answer.

The second drawing is from a student in 6th Grade,  We all wish for Peace because our environment depends on it.



Interesting Ecuador Flag Facts:
The flags of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela are very similar because upon their independence in 1822 they formed a confederation called Gran Colombia. After they parted ways in 1830, they all retained the same essential flag design, whose inspiration is attributed to freedom fighter General Francisco Miranda.

The bird on the Ecuador flag’s coat of arms is an Andean Condor. This native South American bird is also on the arms of Bolivia, Chile and Colombia.

GABON, Ecole Yenzi

Thanks so much to Rachel Henderson for the winning drawing to represent students of  Ecole Yenzi, Gabon. This design was chosen from the competition which was held in their school.

Also special thanks to Els Van Wijk, coordinator of the project and to all the students involved who are delighted to be representing Gabon. Great Drawing.

Rachel  says,

” We all wish for Peace, We all wait for it,some of us seek it,but the rest of us stay in our places,waiting and waiting for it to happen without doing anything ourselves.”

Gabon Flag Meaning:
The flag represents Gabon’s geographical position in the world. The yellow stripe through the middle of the flag represents the equator which runs through Gabon, and it also represents the sun. The color blue represents the Atlantic Ocean which laps Gabon’s shores, and the color green symbolizes the country’s lush vegetation and forests.

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