LITHUANIA, M.K. Čiurlionis School of Art, Vilnius

3 May

by Migle

by Migle

A big thank you to Peter Tiscali from The Guisborough and Great Ayton Rotary Club for helping us to reach Lithuania.

These 3 drawings have been done by Migle, Saule and Aiste from The Čiurlionis School of Art in Vilnius, Lithuania. In Migle`s drawing above, Migle explains how two officers of different armies went into Peace.

In the second design Saule has drawn a secret door in the corner which opens into the World of Peace.  And Aiste described that in her drawing She has drawn two best friends, as all the Children in the World want to be friends. 

by Saule

by Saule

by Aiste

by Aiste

Special thanks to all involved and also to Giedre Ilciukiene for coordinating this project for your school and Lithuania.

Lithuanian Flag Meaning:
Lithuanian’s flag colours are based on the country’s traditional national dress – the yellow stripe represents the sun, Lithuania’s fields of wheat and prosperity; the green symbolizes the country’s forests, flora and hope; and the red stands for the blood spilt for independence, courage and the people’s love for Lithuania.



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