DENMARK Copenhagen International School


This is the chosen drawing to represent students from The Copenhagen International School, Denmark. The students involved in the drawing were Isabella, Haruka,Katja,Lili and Chika.Thank you all for the great design. Thanks also to Samantha Fern coordinator in this school for the successful outcome of this project. This was also the very first school to accept our invitation to  participate back on Monday,  May 3rd, 2010. Thank you so much for that.

We all wish for World Peace because we don’t like war. We all want to live happily.

We all wish for World Peace because we are together and equal which leads to love and happyness.

Danish Flag Meaning:
The white cross on the Danish flag represents Christianity. The cross design of the Danish flag was also adopted by the other Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Danish Flag History:
The Danish flag was adopted in 1625 and is generally considered the oldest continuously used national flag in the world.

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