SURINAME, International Academy of Suriname

Representing the nation of Suriname, this is the drawing from the students of the International Academy of Suriname.

“Here is our entry for the Peace Quilt Project. Our kids had a great time working on these. I wish we could have sent in more than one. We have some great artists here in Suriname.Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a grand event. Hopefully we can see the finished project!” Carmen Miller

The young people of Suriname say: “We all wish for peace because it helps us to be better human beings and to respect everyone.”

Thank you to Carmen Miller for coordinating the project in this school and to all the students for this lovely design.

 Suriname Flag Meaning:
The red stripe represents the country’s progress and struggle to achieve a better quality of life. The white stands for freedom and justice and green symbolises the fertility and natural resources of the land, as well as hope. Originally, the colours also represented three of Suriname’s political parties. Red was for the Hindu Vatan Hitkari, white represented the People’s Party and green stood for the National Party. The star represents a golden future for Suriname, achieved through unity and hard work. The individual points represent the country’s five main ethnic groups of the nation which are Creoles (mixed African and Native American descent), Asian Indians, Chinese, American Indians and Europeans.
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