ANGOLA, Luanda International School

28 Mar

This drawing has been created by students, Christiane Domingos, Hugo Januario and Juan-Diego Losada all year four students from Luanda International school in Angola.

The image shows two Palanca Negra: the giant sable antelope, which is the national animal of Angola. They are standing in front of a Baobab, a tree which is revered throughout the country. The sun is rising behind the tree as a dove flies across the sky.

Until recently, it was uncertain whether the Palanca Negra had survived the civil war. Angola suffered decades without peace and our image symbolises how the natural elements are now able to regenerate.

Thank you to all the students involved; to Carolyne Marshall, Luanda International`s  Principal and to Karen Webb,President of their PTA group for this wonderful drawing.

Angola Flag Meaning:

The red in the flag represents the blood shed by Angolans during oppression, the national liberation struggle and the defence of the country. The black represents the Continent of Africa. The emblem’s cogwheel represents the labourers, and industrial production, and the machete represents peasants, agricultural production and the country’s armed struggle. The star symbolises international solidarity and progress while the colour yellow represents the wealth of Angola.

In 2003, a new flag was proposed for Angola, but it hasn’t yet been ratified or formally adopted. The proposed Angola flag is extremely different in design and symbolism.

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