FRANCE, EAB Victor Hugo School

26 Mar

This is the chosen drawing to represent the students of the EAB Victor Hugo School in Paris, France. The students themselves chose the winner. The drawing has been created by Soo Bin Lee of Grade 5, and she  has incorporated the flags of many countries.

Soo Bin Lee says: “We all wish for Peace because we are all the same.”

Thanks to all students, staff, and Viktor Witkowski, the Visual Arts teacher for the coordination of this project in your school.

French Flag Meaning:

The French flag is based on a red, white and blue cockade (a badge of concentric circles) which was worn by King Louis XVI while addressing a revolutionary gathering in Paris. The King had added white to the cockade as it is the traditional colour of French royalty. Red and blue are also the traditional livery colours of Paris, the country’s capital city.

The French flag is commonly known as the ‘French Tricolour’, and has been the inspiration for many other flags around the world.

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One Response to “FRANCE, EAB Victor Hugo School”

  1. Lee sangjong April 1, 2011 at 23:47 #

    Very nice~ I am big proud of you~

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