SERBIA, International school of Belgrade

23 Mar

This is the chosen art work to represent the International School of Belgrade, Serbia on the Schools’ International Peace Quilt. Simon Ciaolo, age 11 and from Grade 5 has created this design using a collage technique.

Thank you to Svetlana Spasis Glid, Art teacher, to Simon  and all the students of the school involved in this project.

Simon’s quote: “For me, peace is a nice sunny day in Summer” expressing a great way to get close to the joy and gift of life.

Flag description: 

Three equal horizontal stripes of red (top), blue, and white – the Pan-Slav colours representing freedom and revolutionary ideals; charged with the coat of arms of Serbia shifted slightly to the hoist side; the principal field of the coat of arms represents the Serbian state and displays a white two-headed eagle on a red shield; a smaller red shield on the eagle represents the Serbian nation, and is divided into four quarters by a white cross; a white Cyrillic “C” in each quarter stands for the phrase “Only unity saves the Serbs”; a royal crown surmounts the coat of arms.

Copyright © 2010–2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt, All rights reserved.



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