SOUTH KOREA, Busan International Foreign School

These are the two overall finalists from the art competition held in The Busan International Foreign School representing South Korea. The first drawing has been created by Sol Kim in Grade 8 and the second drawing is from Hannah in Grade 7. The competition involved art work from Grades 4 -8, with finalists chosen from each grade level.

Sol says: “We all wish for Peace because it will return as happiness.”


Hannah was the creator of the second design and her wish reads:  “We all wish for Peace because it`s our future.”



A big thank you to Andre Quimpo for the successful coordination of this project in your school and to Rachel Saunders, Art teacher at Hope International School, Cambodia for reaching out to Andre.


South Korean Flag Meaning:
White is a traditional colour of the Korean people. The emblem in the centre of the South Korean flag represents the dual forces of yin (blue) and yang (red). The yin and yang balance each other and maintain a harmonious existence by being complementary opposites, positive and negative, active and passive, male and female, night and day, good and evil and so on. Yin is the passive or static mode and yang the active or dynamic mode. The trigrams represent the elements of fire, water, earth, wood, and metal.

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