SRI LANKA, The Oasis International School

19 Mar

This is the selected drawing to represent the students of  The Oasis International School and Sri Lanka on the Art Quilt.

The young people from Sri Lanka say:

“We wish for Peace because we can live with love and happiness.”

Oasis International School seeks to make international education a uniting force in bringing together the nations, communities and people of the world.  It is their belief that a true international education is the first pivotal step in creating an environment where one is judged not on the basis of religion, race, cast or creed, but on the strength of one’s character.

Sri Lankan Flag Descriptions:
The flag of Sri Lanka consists of a yellow/orange base. A crimson coloured rectangular section on the right side of the flag contains a yellow lion passant holding an upright sword and four yellow pipul leaves, one in each corner. On the left side of the flag there are two equal-sized vertical stripes, green and orange in colour, that are also bordered by the flag’s base.

Sri Lankan Flag Meaning:
The green stripe represents Sri Lanka’s minority Muslims and the orange stripe the minority Hindu Tamils. The yellow represents Buddhism and the crimson stands for a long life. The golden lion is an ancient symbol of the people and the sword is a symbol of authority. The pipul tree leaves are a Buddhist symbol and come from the tree, under which Gautama is said to have received enlightenment and become Buddha. Individually the leaves represent love, compassion, sympathy and equanimity.

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