CROATIA, Matija Gubec Primary School

17 Mar

We welcome these drawings from the Matija Gubec Primary School in Croatia. The first drawing above has been completed by Amir Hossein Jamshidi (Iranian) age 11.

Amir’s message: “We all wish for Peace because Peace makes Happiness and Friendship.”

The second drawing has been completed by Karla Waldgoni ( Croatian) age 14.

Karla’s message: “We all wish for Peace because of respect and trust.”

Thank you to Karla and Amir, to all students and staff in this school and to Ivana Devrnay Cimic, the Visual Art teacher for the organisation of the project for Croatia`s young people.

Croatian Flag Meaning:
The Croatian flag’s colours were inherited from the country’s coat of arms. An unofficial interpretation of the flag states that the colours represent the three symbols of Croatian history and people – the red represents the blood of Croatian martyrs; the white symbolises Croatia’s peaceful lamb like nature; and the blue represents Croatian devotion to God. The main area of the coat of arms is a checker board (chequy) that consists of 13 red and 12 silver (white) fields. The checker board has been a symbol of Croatian kings since at least the 10th Century. Above the checker board are five crowning coats which represent the historical regions from which Croatia originated.

The Croatian flag was adopted on December 21, 1990, making it one of the world’s newer flags.

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